Eva Longoria brings us the summer dress

Eva Longoria lives in an eternal summer, her optimism and the way she has of facing life with smiles and sport, also encourages us who are waiting for tomorrow to finally be the weekend and go out to enjoy as we deserve.

With her sports sessions, her boards, her bikini looks even though it’s winter here… He always infects us with wonders, that’s why we rely a lot on his style whenever our dose of inspiration is low.

Precisely that is what we like the most, that it always lives in an eternal summer and that is what it represents for us. So today we want to give you a tip about a type of dress that we know will be in your closet and in your life for a long time, you will want to sunbathe and put on a bikini underneath to go directly to a terrace T-shirt and ask you for a mojito, we are warning you, but we also know that although it may not be now, telling you what you can wear this year in summer is enough.

Sarong type, elegant, luminous and makes great

The magic of the summer season is here, there are barely two months left before we can enjoy it again with all our senses and (here is a “trend alert”) what we want more than anything is brand new this short yellow shirt dress that Eva Longoria has worn today and that the networks have begun to admire since the photo has been uploaded.

It is not a yellow color to use, It is a lemon yellow tone that could not make us more funny. This summer will be different and the vitamin and very powerful colors will take that fashion witness that we need so much when we don’t know how to start changing our wardrobe. Eva inspires us and here is the look that we hope you will love.

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