Eva Longoria: “Zoe Saldaña and I have the same mission in Hollywood”

Eva Longoria and Zoe Saldaña have teamed up to create Chubby Chronicles . The series produced by HBO Max has the support of two of the most successful Latinas in Hollywood.

It is the story of the Castelli family, originally from the Dominican Republic, who comes to the United States to fulfill the American dream. However, things don’t turn out the way they imagined.

Cucu is the youngest in the family, she is 12 years old and she suffers from bullying at her school. Her physical appearance, a little overweight, is her reason for her classmates to call her chubby and make fun of her. The problems for the Castelli family are just beginning and they will have to live with

Eva Longoria-Bastón tells us about her experience being part of this series as director and producer. “For me it is an honor to have directed the pilot of this series because it is the incredible story of a family that everyone knows, a family that has dreams and wants more in life.

“Get out of Dominican Republic and arrive in the United States and things are not better for them, here they live in a very small apartment, They live apart from the rest of their family. What they had in mind when they arrived in this country is very different. I love the stories of immigrants and that is why I decided to be part of the project, because I like to put them on the screen”, he explains.

+ Questions to Eva Longoria

What would be the message that is sent to the Latino community through the series?

Well, family is everything and with family you can do everything in life. Currently there is a very serious problem in schools with the issue of bullying.

How can you give a positive message with this series?

In the Latin culture, gordita means affection and here in the United States it doesn’t, it’s more offensive. Cucu (the girl) is the chubby one in the series and she has to find who she is because she is confident, she is funny, she is an example girl and the girls can see themselves reflected in her.

What was it like working with Zoe being two powerful Latinas in Hollywood?

Zoe called me to direct this program and I wanted to work with her for a long time, so I accepted immediately because I love her projects, her career, her mission in Hollywood. We have the same mission, which is to put Latinos, not only in front of the camera, but also behind it.

+ From history

The series is produced by Zoe and the company of her sisters Cisley and Mariel Saldaña. The story is based on the life of journalist Claudia Forestieri, who lives in The
Angeles but is originally from the Dominican Republic.
She, like Cucu, the main character of the series, suffered as a child due to her physical condition.

“This story is based on or inspired by my life. I came (to the United States) when I was seven years old, I emigrated from Puerto Rico to Miami and I am of Dominican descent. In the eighties
In Miami, it was a time when the city was criticized a lot because there were many immigrants, so they were blaming it for the crime. I was inspired to do this series in part by what Donald Trump said in 2016, because my experience with
immigrants was very positive,” Forestieri said.

Zoe Saldaña was convinced to produce the series thanks to her sisters’ trust in the project. “My experience was supporting them because they were the ones who found the project. Claudia (Forestieri) approached HBO and Sony and then they approached my sisters. They read the pilot, they met Claudia, they fell in love with her and when they came to share it with me it was not a question but they told me “this is what we are going to do, so when we need you, you have to be available because this is incredible” , not only because Claudia is Dominican-American like us, but because the story is truly incredible.”

And uniting with Eva Longoria gave them that plus because they are two successful Latinas in Hollywood. “Imagine, we are all Latinas but the diversity that was on this set was incredible, it went from Mexico, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Cuba and the Dominican Republic. Everyone wanted Claudia to feel seen, heard, celebrated, respected, everything and that

her story was authentic, as she wrote it and that was what Eva Longoria came to contribute, that quality, authenticity, was ours, what can I tell you, Oscar de la Hoya”, Saldaña expressed.

(Text with the collaboration of Juan Manuel Navarro).

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