Eva Soriano, to Chenoa: “The prophecy of ‘Your face sounds familiar to me’ has come true. I have continued killing things”


Eva Soriano has had a revelation this Thursday in Special bodies while reviewing the news with chenoa. Watching the most recent events, the presenter of the morning de Europa FM can state that “the prophecy of Your face is familiar to me has been fulfilled”: “Rosalía, warm up that you go out.”

The latest music news confirm it. Eva Soriano has a supernatural power that splashes the artists he has imitated in Your face sounds familiar to me.

The presenter of morning de Europa FM has realized this Thursday in Special bodies while reviewing the news with chenoa. “Everything you’ve touched has either died or… It’s true, the people you imitated in Your face is familiar to me he died later”, Chenoa told him. “It was very strange. We had a problem directing because we didn’t know whether to broadcast it.”

That is where the scare for Eva Soriano has come. “The prophecy has been fulfilled, because although it is not in Your face is familiar to me I keep killing things.”

  • The last thing he has killed has been Miguel Bernardeau’s relationship with Aitanawhich he imitated with Zzoilo singing my love.
  • has also killed Shakira’s relationshipwhich he imitated with Eyes like that and that shortly after he separated from Piqué.

“Rosalía, warm up that you go out”has said with certain nerves the presenter of Special bodiesand added: “I’m not ready for him to leave it with Rauw, but the dynamics I have…”.

The two above are not the only cases.

  • Eva Soriano was also Céline Dion singing I drove all night and the Canadian singer has had to cancel her 2023 tour after being diagnosed with a neurological disease.
  • The presenter was Camila Cabello with Don’t go yet shortly before the singer separated from Shawn Mendes.
  • And it was Georgie Dann singing White Doveat a gala that was recorded before the death of the famous interpreter of the summer song.

“I’m cursed! I’m a shaman,” explained the presenter, who has reviewed who she imitated the most: Dua Lipa, Isabel Pantoja…

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