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The income of Tony Costa to the reality show “The house of the famous 2″ has not only increased the popularity of the dancer, but also that of his girlfriend, Evelyn Beltran. Contrary to what many thought, she showed her support for her partner’s participation in the program and has urged her followers to save him from elimination. However, so much attention has caused her to also receive a lot of criticism about her appearance.

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Toni has confessed to having been the victim of negative comments and even threats. The messages have come from alleged followers of her ex-partner, Adamari Lopezand tried to intimidate the Spanish dancer from participating in the Telemundo reality show.

In addition, he has been criticized for publicly declaring his love for Evelyn, as these toxic fans have considered it an offense towards Adamari. It is worth mentioning that, despite their separation, they have a fairly cordial relationship.

Toni Costa and Evelyn Beltrán are very much in love on their social networks (Photo: Instagram)
Toni Costa and Evelyn Beltrán are very much in love on their social networks (Photo: Instagram)

The 28-year-old influencer has not been spared from gossip, since many have accused her of being the cause of the separation of Tony Costa and his ex-partner.

Similarly, her critics have highlighted on more than one occasion that the influencer has gone through the operating room more than once. Tired of the matter, she decided to clarify the situation.

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Evelyn Beltrán did not hesitate to answer the critics who claimed that she has undergone too many procedures to be so young. Many think that there is no part of the body that has not been “touched up”, but she denied these claims outright.

The former beauty queen stated that she did have her breasts operated on, but that it was not to increase them, but rather the opposite.

People are ignorant, let me explain my surgeries. I had my breasts reduced because I had a 40 H and my back hurt (it was a necessity)”, he wrote in a story on his Instagram account.

In addition, he confessed that the other operation that has been done was a liposuction, which consists of removing the adipose tissue from the area of ​​his choice. Still, Evelyn wears her procedures with pride, as she has nothing to be ashamed of.

I did the ‘Lipo 360′. I don’t lose any sleep over being honest about what I do to myself and I will always share what I do to myself, because you never know who feels like you and doesn’t know where to go“, he claimed.

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Screenshot of Evelyn Beltrán's story published on May 19, 2022 (Photo: Evelyn Beltrán / Instagram)
Screenshot of Evelyn Beltrán’s story published on May 19, 2022 (Photo: Evelyn Beltrán / Instagram)


The model was not shy and tagged the doctor responsible for her operations. This is Orlando Llorente, a certified plastic surgeon who lives in Miami.

in your account official instagram shares the before and after of some of his patients, showing the incredible changes he makes in their bodies. Some opt for more natural touch-ups, while others choose more obvious procedures.

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Finally, Evelyn said that it is not enough just to have surgery or liposuction to keep your body the way you want it. It is necessary that when the doctor enables it, the person begins to exercise.

As I have already explained thousands of times, the body after surgery needs its care, so I spend it in the gym many times a week.”, he added.

He took the opportunity to tag his certified trainer, Louis Gomez. He also lives in Miami and works as a stunt double. He has worked alongside Toni Costa and they appear to be good friends.

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On Instagram, many people criticized Evelyn Beltrán, blaming her for being responsible for Toni Costa and Adamari López breaking up their relationship, so she came out willing to shut up everyone who writes insults or criticizes without knowing the truth and the Univision portal did a compilation about it.

For example, the influencer known as ‘the bichota‘, she read a comment in which she was accused of being “the other” and she assured that they should not speak that way because nobody knows what has really happened. MORE DETAILS HERE

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