Even Montaner gives his opinion on Residente’s dumping on J Balvin: “An unnecessary massacre”

Everyone talks about the new theme of Residente in which He throws everything at J Balvin. And veteran artist Ricardo Montaner is no exception.

For the artist, this theme is “a waste of talent in a cause without reason”.

“I have seen with sadness how two (different) colleagues get angry until they draw blood. About my dear @residente with my dear @JBALVIN it is a ruthless act, an unnecessary massacre, an irony, a waste of talent in a cause without reason”Montaner wrote on his Twitter account.

The Montaner patriarch defended the Colombian and invited the former member of “Calle 13” to give Balvin a hug “and those who are inferior to him.”

Success is not to blame for your lack of flavors, nor is anger an excuse for your mistakes., I invite you Resident to a huge hug, to José and to those who are inferior to you. Don’t blame me, don’t charge me if one day I find you, this is just advice from this old singer…”, expressed the Dominican nationalized singer.

The interpreter of “The Glory of God” said that even if they think that it is not their turn to get into that situation, one day they will understand that it was not necessary to have been “riddled”.

On the other hand, his Spanish colleague Alejandro Sanz was less specific with his opinion on the subject and just said, “I just saw a murder done with a pencil.”

Resident Throw

In Residente’s BZRP Music Sessions with a time of 8 minutes and 39 seconds, of which half are dedicated to J Balvin, even calling him “a goofball who sings to Sponge Bob and Pokemon” and “the Logan Paul of reggaeton” , for the step of the youtuber as a professional boxer.

The musical theme titled ‘BZRP Music Sessions #49’ was released through the YouTube channel of the Argentine musician Bizarrap and the Puerto Rican rapper René Pérez is invited.

Bizarrap is an Argentine trap, hip hop and reggaeton DJ and producer with more than 10 million followers on Instagram and his YouTube posts, with 12.1 million subscribers, move millions of views.

Before this release, Resident had created great expectation after on Wednesday he denounced through a video a colleague of the urban genre from whom he has allegedly received threats after learning that he recorded “a tiradera” directed at him.

In the video he explained that he was in the process of launching a song in which he talked about important things for him in the musical field and, in the last verses, he threw a couple of lines at an interpreter, of whom he reserved his name and the only thing that advanced is that he belonged to the urban movement.

According to what he toldit seems that his colleague found out about the shooting towards him and since that moment he has insisted on locating himcalling other people to contact Residente, and all with the aim that this topic is not released to the public.

According to the veteran rapper, the urban exponent even called the producer of the song to try to stop the launch plans, but he did not pay attention.

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