Events in Majorca A woman has been convicted in Manacor for spreading that her ex-husband had AIDS

A woman has been sentenced to one and a half years in prison in Manacor for spreading the word that her ex-boyfriend had AIDS. The accused painted graffiti on one of the vans of the company for which the victim worked, referring to her serious illness: “I have AIDS. I am a carrier, The defendant of Bulgarian nationality admitted his crime Discovery of secrets and crime of connection The trial will be held at a criminal court in Palma and the victim must be compensated. 3,000 euros for moral damages,

The incidents occurred between April and June 2018. The accused spread that his ex-partner had AIDS after the breakup of their romantic relationship, He contacted the owners of the company where the injured man worked and told them that his former colleague was HIV positive and a drug abuser.

women had access to that person’s medical information During their romantic relationship and, in addition, she took possession of documents that showed he was suffering from the disease and showed them to her bosses with the intention of harming her. The prosecutor took into account the circumstances toxephrenia suppressor Because the accused was suffering from severe drug addiction at that time and undue delay Since this process has been disrupted for reasons beyond the woman’s control.

accused won’t go to jail With the conditions that he not commit any crimes in the next three years, that he pay full civil liability and that he continue drug addiction treatment.

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