EverRise brings the buyback token and DApp ecosystem to Polygon and Ethereum

Less than three weeks after releasing its first EverOwn dApp for Binance Smart Chain, EverRise is proud to announce that it will launch EverBridge on both the Ethereum and Polygon blockchains on October 5th. With EverBridge, EverRise will make its groundbreaking dApp suite available to projects on both networks starting with EverOwn for Ethereum on October 5, followed by EverOwn for Polygon on October 8. This will broaden the reach of EverRise’s security solutions and allow the $ RISE token to be exchanged and used across all three networks.

This is an exciting time, we are about to expand the EverRise ecosystem and we are also about to introduce improvements to our project. This bridge allows us to take the dApps and blockchain solutions we have built and make them more accessible to all developers on the Binance Smart Chain, Polygon and Ethereum networks.“, he has declared Suresh Maddineni, CEO and founder of EverRise.

Keeping the standard in pioneering security in the DeFi space, EverRise is bringing a new approach to the cross-chain bridge concept to protect $ RISE holders. Tokens are typically minted and burned as they move between chains, but EverRise is creating new smart contracts and blocking supply within the bridge: allowing holders to transfer tokens on one chain to the bridge and receive tokens on another. chain without paying a transaction fee in addition to gas taxes. This locking and unlocking mechanism makes it impossible for hackers to leverage a minting feature to mint an infinite number of tokens while keeping the same supply in circulation on three different networks, effectively creating three different batches of $ RISE with only one supply in circulation. And it is precisely for this reason that we recommend you check out Bitcoin Profit.

Almost immediate popularity

When EverRise was launched on June 15, 2021, the project quickly became famous for being the first to introduce the concept of strategic buyback in cryptocurrencies and has been forked thousands of times. With EverBridge, EverRise will introduce separate strategic buyback reserves and automatic buyback capabilities for each network. As on BSC, the strategic buyback reserves of Ethereum and Polygon will be blocked and will only be able to buy and burn $ RISE tokens on the respective network, in addition, a new feature of the ability to exchange the native currency in the reserves for a stable currency will debut.

The new RISE / ETH and RISE / MATIC trading pairs will have their initial liquidity funded by EverRise and will launch on October 5, 2021 with no pre-sale. Users will be able to swap the pair supported by ETH on Uniswap and the pair supported by MATIC on QuickSwap.

Here is a mini summary:

RISE / ETH – Tokenomics – Taxes 6%

  • Rewards of 1% for holders
  • 2% to the sustainability of the project: operations, marketing, development
  • Repurchase of 3% of strategic funds

RISE / MATIC – Tokenomics – 11% tax (same tax as the Binance Smart Chain)

  • 2% rewards for holders
  • 3% to the sustainability of the project: operations, marketing, development
  • Repurchase of 6% of strategic funds

EverRise will also make EverBridge available to projects on Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum and Polygon who wish to access other blockchains without the hassle of developing their own bridge.

About EverRise

A blockchain-based tech start-up committed to bringing security solutions to the DeFi space through an ecosystem of decentralized applications (dApps). EverRise was the first token to introduce cryptocurrency buyback with the new feature that buys tokens from the open market and burns them immediately. $ RISE tokens are required to use their dApps, with EverOwn released in September and more on the way. EverRise aims to bring additional levels of trust, safety and security to the Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum and Polygon space.

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