“Everyone hates me”: Laura Bozzo wants to leave “The House of Celebrities” because of Niurka

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Started the second season of “The House of the Famous” between the controversy of its new members, among which find Laura Bozzowho did not look very happy to see Niurka’s arrival at the famous house.

After having been caught with a bad attitude when the Cuban woman crossed the door and Niurka in turn looked for her to greet her with a big hug, Laura Bozzo is not supporting the pressure of reality.

With only two days after the reality show began, the list of nominees to leave the program was revealed, among which were: Nacho Casano, Toni Costa, Juan Vidal, Osvaldo Ríos, Mayeli Alonso and Laura Bozzothe latter was the most affected in this regard.

Laura Bozzo wants to leave “The House of the Famous”

Realizing that she was one of the nominees, Laura Bozzo began to express her disgust, while her companions tried to calm her down and tell her that it was all a game.

The cameras caught the moment when Laura Bozzo confessed that he wanted to get out of reality, alluding that he had many enemies inside: “Everybody hates me. I have nothing to do here with so many enemies, I have my program on television. Bye, I’m leaving now!”

As he pointed out: “It’s worth it to me. The double face is the one I hate the most. Today I’m leaving, but today, they don’t know me ”, just as he pronounced:“ I came here with the best intention to show who I was, but here there are many enemies so, honestly, let it be what God wants “.

“This is not only what I live by, If the people here want me out, that’s it, I’m leaving. It annoys me to be among enemies here, I have nothing to do here… and let me have my cigarettes, “he alleged.

For your part Niurka responded to Laura Bozzo’s comments: “Don’t feel so important! We are all vulnerable and run the same risk. It is believed that they are the stars among all ”, emphasizing that when she arrived at the house she tried to be good with the Peruvian.

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