“Everyone is a little to blame”

Pearl Jam leader had unexpected death announcements Amy Winehouse.

Eddie Vedder, lead singer of Pearl Jam, spoke about the death of Amy Winehouse:

Eddie Vedder, lead singer of Pearl Jam, on Amy Winehouse’s death: ‘Everyone has a little bit of guilt’

He made his point! Eddie Vedderleader pearl jamSurprised Locals and Strangers by Talking About a Sensitive Death Amy Winehousewhat happened 12 years ago. He singer famous group stone He admitted that for him, everyone is a little to blame for the death. British artist.

Eddie Vedder remembers the death of Amy Winehouse

Eddie Vedder surprised everyone by commenting on Amy Winehouse and her tragic death. Vocalist pearl jam drew attention, admitting that everyone is to blame for the fact that the singer British left it world.

“I feel like everyone is a little to blame in some way. Everyone almost enjoyed watching her screw up in the pictures. Hopefully, when they unravel all of this, they will make changes and laws, and protect people, and disempower those who only use their position out of greed, even if it means stealing someone’s privacy.”Eddie Vedder mentioned Amy Winehouse.

Subsequently, the Pearl Jam frontman lamented that music could not save Amy Winehouse. “It’s a real shame, not knowing her or anything about her, that she lost touch with the music or that it wasn’t as satisfying as it was in the beginning, because that alone could have kept her healthy. We do. If you maintain a healthy balance in which music is very important, you will have to stay healthy in order to make music.”the rock singer pointed out.

The importance of music!

Eddie Vedder talked about how important music is for each participant pearl jam and how vital it is to him. gang leader stone He admitted that music helps in the most difficult moments of life.

“I think I can say for everyone in the band, down to the last, that music has always been the most important thing in our lives. when you were 14, just like it helped you when you were 18, even now, decades later, it’s still the most important thing. It’s like losing your wife or the love of your life, you won’t give a fuck”sentenced singer Pearl Jam.

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