Everyone is researching spiders in the ‘Madame Web’ trailer

Sony’s Spider-Man Universe movies, an attempt to take the villains and supporting characters and make them A Thing, for which they have pre-MCU rights, have met with mixed success. But ever since the first “Madame Web” trailer was released, fans have focused on a line from star Dakota Johnson describing the film’s villain, Ezekiel Sims.

“He was in the Amazon with my mom, researching spiders, right before she died,” intones Johnson’s Cassandra Webb as part of several voiceover lines that don’t draw much emotion from the actress. . And yes, “Web” is her character’s last name, even before she developed precog powers she could see events before they happened – and change them.

The text is paired with the shy Kevin James meme:

…George Santos’ ethics investigation:

… “everyone everywhere together”:

… “Saint”:

… “Oppenheimer”:

…and over a million former formats and new ones:

This line is a reference to the Exposition-riffic line from the “Morbius” trailer, “Dr.” More than. Michael Morbius, you have been missing for two months. Then you were found on a container ship that drifted off Long Island.” The “Madame Web” line benefits from feeling like a character is telling someone something they at least partially knew before. Know since.

Of course, that “Morbius” trailer gave us other iconic lines, like Michael Keaton’s Vulture awkwardly yelling, “Hey uh, Dr. Mike – you and I should keep in touch.” We end it with a somewhat meta joke of Morbius, after a frightened citizen asks who he is, replying, “I… am… Venom.” (Growling) I’m just kidding! This is Dr. Michael Morbius at your service.

Next year, Sony is set to release three Spidey-related movies: another “Venom” sequel, the delayed “Kraven the Hunter” and “Madame Web.” Be sure to put them in your calendar with the date you sit down and seriously remember the person who was researching spiders with your mom, right before she died.

Watch The Row and the rest of the trailer below:

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