Everything Made Bad Is Not Taylor Swift and Luis Miguel: These Are the Artists You Don’t Know, But You Can Add to Your Playlist

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music It’s a journey that takes us through different sonic landscapes and sometimes, musical ornament The brightest people are off the radar of great personalities and their machines. To satisfy our curiosity and yours, we have taken a little tour of some corners World musical Where the real gems are hidden.

From Italy to Colombia, from the United States to GermanyHere we present you artist’s What you should know. in musicians they are redefining sexes and creating unique musical experiences.

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Shefound (Italy) – ‘Half Alligator’

we begin our musical journey Italy with he got And his album “Half”. But“. This Italian artist takes us to a world that experimental and emotional sounds, His music is like an introspective journey that immerses you in unknown sonic landscapes.

Louis Rubio (USA) – ‘Find Your Light’

louis rubio Mesmerizes us with his album”find your light“in which Mixing pop and rock elements with deep and poignant lyrics, His music is a ray of hope in a world full of turmoil.

BALTHVS (Colombia) – ‘Cumbia Bird’

From Colombia, Balthaws brings us The magic of cumbia with his album ,birds Of cumbia“. Its enveloping rhythm will make you dance to the beat of a fresh and authentic tune.

Soulfixer (Italy) – ‘Complicated’

soulfixer takes us on an emotional journey with them music In “complicated“. This Italian artist Combines elements of electronica and pop to create a unique musical experience Which will touch your heart.

The Lovelines (USA) – ‘May Be Love’

From usa, The Lovelines He surprised us with his single”May Happen check this out, It has fresh sound and emotional lyrics They will make you believe in the power of love once again.

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Bromsen (Germany) – ‘Read about it’

germany gives us bromsen And his song”Reading About this object“.this artist Immerse us in the world of captivating electronic music Which will force you to move your legs.

Bes (France) – ‘A Million Stars’

From France, base Invites us to dream with our single”million stars“. His Ethereal sound and enveloping tune They will take you to a place of peace and contemplation.

Trudy (Canada) – ‘Flash Fire?’

From Canada, Trudy Surprises us with its mysterious song”Glow Fire?, His unique style and mesmerizing voice They will keep you intrigued from beginning to end.

2/14 (USA) – ‘The Bachelorette’

2/14 Takes us back to school with your single”Graduate“. This American artist presents us A unique blend of sounds that will make you feel nostalgic and excited.

Chris Cauldfield (Canada) – ‘Antigravity Mind Chamber’

We end our musical journey Canada with chris caldfield And his song”Antigravity Mind Chamber“. This Canadian artist takes us into a Travel cosmic Gravity defying electronic sounds,

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In short, music It’s a vast universe full of infinite possibilities. through these artist’s, we have explored different styles and emotions that invite you to discover a world of music beyond the mainstream. So, if you are looking for a unique and authentic music experience, we invite you to give these talented artists who are redefining the global music landscape a chance. Your next musical journey is waiting for you!

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