Everything ready for the 55th Edition of the Sitges Fantastic Film Festival

The Sitges International Film Festival kicks off its 55th edition on Thursday, October 6, with ‘Venus’, the new film by Jaume Balagueró (‘REC’ starring Ester Expósito. An infallible debut with ingredients revered in Sitges: witchcraft, terror, action and a story inspired by a story by HP Lovecraft.

You don’t have to be a witch to guess that the Auditori is going to fall when the director goes on stage Ti West in what will be the premiere in our country of ‘Pearl’the spin off of the great ‘X’, with Mia Goth again in the skin of a character -and a saga- that can already be considered cult.

Another icon that will raise the glamor of the red carpet will be the wonderful Eva Green (‘Penny Dreadful’, ‘Sin City: A Dame to Kill For’, ‘Dark Shadows’) who will attend to present ‘Nocebo’, the third film by Lorcan Finnegan, in which he plays a fashion designer tuna carrier of a strange disease.

Another of the most anticipated premieres will be that of ‘Halloween Ends’ the third part of the trilogy signed for renewed by David Gordon Green and in which Laurie Strode, the essential Jaime Lee Curtis, faces Michael Myers for the last time?.

Also looking forward to seeing the feature film premiere of such promising directors as Carlota Pereda whose short ‘Cerdita’ won the Goya for Best Fiction Short Film in 201. Now we can find out what happened after those terrifying 14 minutes in a film that has already been endorsed with the award for Best Horror Film at Austin’s Fantastic Fest – the most important fantastic film festival in the USA. Another feature debut that promises a lot is ‘Huesera’, a far from friendly story about motherhood directed by the director Michelle Garza Cervera. Terror with a feminine gaze that will not be missing at the festival, in which works by 40 female directors are screened.

Because one more year the festival does not miss the opportunity to claim the role of women in the fantastic genre and in addition to the screenings of shorts and films directed, produced, written and starring women, the round table Women Creators of Fantastic, highlights in which four professionals from different artistic backgrounds will share their creation processes in the field of the fantastic. The Argentine writer Mariana Enríquez, Heidi Honeycutt, -co-founder of the Etheria Film Festival (an exhibition of short films directed by women)-, the German filmmaker and actress Astrid Frank, one of the first references in the direction of horror short films, and the already aforementioned director of ‘Cerdita’, Carlota Pereda.

Some of the most awaited films of the national programming are ‘As Bestas’ directed by the acclaimed Rodrigo Sorogoyen and co-written with Isabel Peña (‘God we forgive’, ‘The kingdom’, ‘Madre’), ‘La Piedad’ Eduardo Casanova (‘Pieles’) or ‘Unicorn Wars’, the peculiar animated feature film directed by Alberto Vázquez, based on his magnificent short film also screened at Sites in 2013 ‘Unicorn blood’. In addition, the Catalan filmmaker Víctor García (‘Gallows Hill’) premieres ‘The Communion Girl’, whose trailer could be seen in last year’s edition and even had a figure of this doll that promises to compete with Chucky and the Devilish Annabelle.

'Ace Beasts'

‘Ace Beasts’ | Arcadia Motion Pictures

Not everything is cinema and screens in Sitges, the always grateful exhibitions bring this year the work of the artist Shaun Elay who draws her paintings in negative. A very original and alternative proposal. One hundred percent Sitges spirits.

Although there are many things in the inkwell, impossible to collect in this article, if we highlight the Grand Honorary Prize that the legend of makeup and special effects Colin Arthur will receive, who is among many works responsible for creating the blood coming out of the Overlook Hotel elevator in ‘The Shining’ the creatures from ‘The Neverending Story’ and all the effects from ‘Conan the Barbarian’. Chosen by Amenábar for ‘Open your eyes’ and Almodóvar in ‘Talk to her’.

After ten days and countless hours of cinema, the Italian Luca Guadagnino will close the festival with his cannibal love story ‘To the bone’starring Timothée Chalamet, whose trailer you can see under these lines.

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