“Everything starts with love, the only secret for a relationship to work”

The actor George Clooney and his wife Amal Alamuddin have achieved a stable and loving marriage, which is very rare these days, especially in Hollywood. They have lived together for eight years and, for this reason, they offered an interview.


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In it, the famous couple revealed on CBS’s morning show ‘CBS Mornings’ how they have achieved marital bliss.Everything starts with love. I think that’s the only secret to making a relationship work. For us it has been easy. In fact, I have a feeling that, so far, it’s been the easiest thing we’ve ever done in our lives. We have never had an argument.”explained the actor and director, 61 years old.

However, for the human rights activist and defenderwe must also count on the fact that both had the great luck of meeting. “I think meeting the right person is 99% luck. And in our case, we avoid being cynical with each other, we are open in that regard. Everything evolved very quickly because we were not hypocritical or too secretive. We didn’t keep anything”.

In addition, they talked about a mistake they made with their five-year-old children Alexander and Ella. we teach them italian… but we don’t speak Italian. We have armed them with a language with which they can harm us and we really don’t know what they are saying.” confessed George Clooneywhile she added that the children also speak English and French.

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The Clooneys They also met on television to present a charitable initiative such as the delivery of albie awardsClooney’s Foundation for Justice, which was held in New York.

They featured presenters like meryl streep, Oscar Isaac, Dua Lipa, Julie Roberts, Nadia Murad and Bruce Springsteen. Amal Clooney said that these awards are named after South African judge and activist Albie Sachs, whom she described as “a defender of human rights.

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