Everything that has made me rethink putting on the dress over pants trend again

Natalia Arroyo

ran the year 2006 when the boom of the Disney Channel girls and their outfits they got hold of me. Actresses like Miley Cyrus or Ashley Tisdale dared to use dresses over jeans, and I was not going to be less. Some time later, I saw the photos of my looks and I even felt ashamed, but Today, in the middle of 2023, I am rethinking yes, perhaps, I would put a dress over pants again (and there is a greater chance that I end up doing it than not).

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This time, it is not the fault of any celebrities specifically –since they simply followed what fashion dictated–, but the ‘Y2K’ aesthetic of the 2000s, that has risen undoubtedly from its ashes to bring us back such iconic garments as cargo pants, platform shoes, leg warmers and, of course, the combination of dress plus pants.

Now, in a much more discreet way and according to the time, this structure is parading down the catwalks and the street style of the cities with the greatest representation of fashion, such as Paris, New York, Milan or Madrid. Haute couture brands such as Chloé or Givenchy included dresses added to pants in their parades last fall anticipating that this spring 2023, we would return to fall for the temptation of this trend in all probability, although as we anticipated, in a more refined way.

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Jeans will continue to have a great presence in the formula of these sets, but they have also given way to other types of fabrics such as chiffon or satin, as well as the craziest mix of prints that show that more is always more.

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Those who also have a large space in this trend are the sets. The mix of fabrics and prints completely disparate will not end up being completely victorious because they will have to share a position with the looks that they keep the same common thread both in the dress and in the pants.

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And, of course, in a year in lTailoring garments are enjoying their greatest boom, you could not miss suit pants within this trend of fashion and, if it is a version oversized, better.

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As to the choice of dress, you will have as much freedom as you wish, given that If something characterizes this combination, it is originality and creativity unleashed. It will not matter if they are minis, midis or long. Not even her style, since throughout this article you will have been able to verify that both shirt dresses and tighter ones have a place.

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