everything they found in the operation where Gabriel Cortéz was arrested


The Police in conjunction with the Ecuadorian Attorney General’s Office gave details of the operation where Gabriel Cortéz, a Barcelona SC player, was arrested.

Gabriel Cortéz in one of his last matches with Barcelona SC.  Photo: Getty
Gabriel Cortéz in one of his last matches with Barcelona SC. Photo: Getty

of not believing. This is how we have all the information that has reached us since the early hours of this Friday regarding the issue of Gabriel Cortezthe top scorer in the Serie A championship in Ecuador and Barcelona Sporting Clubwho has been arrested by the Police after an operation.

What was initially believed to be an arrest “for investigative purposes” ended in the Minister of the Interior assuring that the footballer is part of a criminal organization. “There is also the arrest of a well-known athlete in the country, who we believe was not only a member of the Los Tiguerones gang but also gave and received information about who the assassins should kill.“, Were the statements that went through all the media.

According to information published by the Ecuadorian Prosecutor’s Office, they were eighteen subjects detainedamong whom appears a police officer who is currently on active duty and Gabriel Cortéz, who are part of the organization called The Tiguerones.

In addition, the operation called “Poseidon” raided around 29 buildings, where in addition to the arrest of 18 people, 16 firearms, 40 munitions, two feeders, three vehicles, fourteen mobile terminals and also different drug shipments were seized.

Barcelona Sporting Club, in view of the public events that occurred with one of its players, will respect the proceedings and investigations carried out by the Justice bodies.

At the same time, it emphasizes that the activities carried out in the private sphere by its players, employees and managers are outside the institution and therefore there is no responsibility of the club.

We will continue to monitor the process and wait for the decisions taken by the judicial function, in order to take the corresponding measures at the appropriate time.

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