Everything we know about Harry Styles’ gay cop

Photo credit: Amazon Prime

Photo credit: Amazon Prime

It seems that Dunkirk It was not a mere parenthesis in the musical career of Harry Styles. In addition to shooting video clips with 300 dollars like the one for ‘Daylight’, the former One Direction also wants to jump into the movies and wants to do it with two period films about the 50s. After being immortal as Eros in Eternalsthe musician and now actor is going to present at the end of this year Do not worry dear, from director Olivia Wilde (and Styles partner), and mypoliceman where he will play a gay cop from the 50s for Amazon Prime Video.

We don’t know what that particular decade has to bring him back to the big screen after making his debut in a World War II movie, but maybe it has something to do with the fact that they are two stories of sexual repression and liberation. After making waves on red carpets with hairstyles, bags and blouses, giving concerts dressed in pink and proving that it is possible (and should) to break with gender roles without losing style, it is natural that Harry Styles plays a role like the of MyPoliceman. yese says, by the way, that in one of these two films Harry Styles has signed his first sex scene in the cinema.

The first trailer for the film already promises a roller coaster of emotions. Prepare to cry with mypolicemanthis is all we know.

‘My Policeman’: Trailer

On June 15 we were able to see the first clip of the film. It begins with the characters of Harry Styles and David Dawson looking at the painting of a stormy ocean. What does the policeman think of the painting? The answer, mounted with jumps forward and backward in time, could be summed up in the word “love”: the forbidden love of this homosexual policeman from the 50s faced with his stormy feelings and social pressure.

‘My Policeman’: Release date

mypoliceman shooting began in April 2021 and took place in London, Brighton and Hove. The production is already finished and we know that on November 4 it will premiere on streaming on Amazon Prime Video. What is yet to be confirmed is whether in Spain, as in the United States, we will have a previous theatrical release on October 21.

Synopsis of ‘My Policeman’: what is the film about?

According to the official synopsis for the film, “mypoliceman is a story about forbidden love and the changing social conventions that follows three young men – policeman Tom, professor Marion and museum curator Patrick – as they embark on an emotional journey through 1950s Britain.. Set in the 1990s, Tom, Marion and Patrick continue to feel homesick and regretful but now have one last chance to make amends for the past.”

The film is based on the 2012 Bethan Roberts novel, my police, and centers on the character of Harry Styles, a gay policeman in 1957 Brighton who marries a woman for fear of defying social convention. But the man he loves is someone else, that specialist in the art of the synopsis. It is also said that Roberts’ original story was inspired by the relationship between novelist EM Forster and policeman Robert Buckinghamwho after decades immersed in a love triangle with Forster’s wife found an unconventional arrangement for everyone to find happiness.

The film will most likely be built with several jumps in time, with younger and older versions of Tom played by different actors. The main plot will take place in the past year 1957, but it will be framed by a “present” in the 90s, full of nostalgia and regrets, as in the novel, when the three vertices of the love triangle have one last chance to fix the bad decisions that they took at the time.

Cast of ‘My Policeman’: what is the casting of the film?

accompanying Harry Styles as Tom, the homosexual policeman, we will find emma corrin (The Crown) Already David Dawson (The Last Kingdom) in the leading romantic triangle. Princess Diana of The Crown has replaced Lily James in the role of Tom’s teacher and wife; while Dawson will play the intellectual museum curator with whom Styles has fallen in love.

Photo credit: Amazon Prime

Photo credit: Amazon Prime

The same characters will be played in the 90s, respectively, by Linus Roache (Homeland), gina mcgee (the invisible thread) Y Rupert Everett (The name of the rose), in a nostalgic and regretful version of Tom, Marion and Patrick.

We will also find in the cast Andrew Tiernan, Kadiff Kirwan, Jack Bandeira, Maddie Rice, Dora Davis Y Tristan Sturrock in various supporting roles.

The crew of ‘My Policeman’: who directs the film?

It is a romantic drama Michael Grandagedirector of another period drama like the book publisher, with a more overtly literary background than his new film. The script has been signed ron niswanerthe Oscar-nominated writer for philadelphia. That year Jane Campion won the statuette for The piano but, thanks to Myswaner’s script, Tom Hanks made one of his best movies and won his first Oscar. Will now be the time for Harry Styles?

‘My Policeman’: First images

The first trailer for the film has already been released and we will be receiving new news, which you will find in this updated article, as the premiere approaches. At the moment, you can see the images of Harry Styles in mypolicemanquite a lesson in style.

Photo credit: Amazon Prime

Photo credit: Amazon Prime

Photo credit: Amazon Prime

Photo credit: Amazon Prime

Photo credit: Amazon Prime

Photo credit: Amazon Prime

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