Everything We Know About the Made Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Sequel

Everything We Know About Indiana Jones and the City of Gods: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Sequel

Everything We Know About Indiana Jones and the City of Gods: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Sequel

For fans of the archaeologist played by Harrison Ford, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (78%) is the worst film in the Lucasfilm franchise. Well, with the release of the fifth and final installment, Indiana Jones and the Dial of Fate (63%), opinions were divided. At the time, the film’s fourth adventure figure was completely destroyed by fans and although critics were not very protective, they gave it one of its worst ratings, which did not transmit the same feeling to the audience when watching it. Is.

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In 2008 it was already believed that this would be the last time that Ford would be seen playing the role, even as Steven Spielberg would once again direct. However, despite featuring some familiar elements from the film series, it was considered a terrible “send-off” for the character. For many it was a waste they couldn’t avoid, but we can say the same about its sequel, which was announced as the actor’s last, which divided critics and the public as some For some it is a decent farewell and for others it is not. At least the film hasn’t been as controversial as the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull movie, which has scenes that put Indy in moments that didn’t make sense and that fans still don’t forget.

The truth is that the fourth Indiana Jones film could have been the best, and maybe even the last (though that was assumed with the release of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (88%),) but it eventually evolved in the process. , or rather, going backwards to get rid of many of the great things that would have enhanced its quality and certainly the adventure it offered, rather than what it had become by the time it arrived in theaters. The film has often been criticized because it deviates from themes covered in previous stories, has a weak script and an over-reliance on special effects. The original concept was excellent and was developed by a screenwriter who was in touch with Steven SpielbergBut it was never produced and was recreated as what we know as Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (Source: Little White Lies)

Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (Source: Little White Lies)

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What is Indiana Jones and the City of the Gods?

was an early version of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Its configuration was already very similar as it included some of its most relevant characters, associated MacGuffins, and other details; Some of these elements were similar to those shown on the big screen, while others underwent various changes. the script was titled Indiana Jones and the City of the Gods (City of the Gods in its literal translation) and was written by Frank Darabont, best known for his work on Dreams of Freedom, Unexpected Miracles and The Mist, which also earned two Oscar nominations for screenplay and directing. It should be noted that before his breakthrough in cinema, he was already in charge of Indiana Jones when he wrote some episodes. The Young Indiana Jones ChroniclesA series created by George Lucas that was canceled and ended with four made-for-television movies.

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Indiana Jones and the City of the Gods This sequel was going to happen, and it started taking shape in the ’90s when Lucas used his time away from Star Wars to come up with ideas that could be turned into a movie. He always had various writers with him to develop new material, but felt he had already exhausted the concept of taking Indie into his 30s, apart from the fact that the lead actors were already too old. was happening, so they decided to do something different. According to script shadow, Indiana Jones goes in search of the famous “Lost City of the Gods”, which is believed to contain all the knowledge of the universe. The site mentions that 7 or 8 writers went through the project before Spielberg decided on David Koepp and Darabont was one of them. It is also learned that Darabont was frustrated with both the director and george lucas They were “very distracted” and it was impossible for him to please them both. Spielberg was happy with his script but not Lucas.

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The script included alien life in ancient civilizations and Russians

Although this particular theme was not to everyone’s liking, it was in the original script. reason why george lucas They decided to explore this because they felt they had exhausted the concept of adventure in the 1930s and decided to create a story set in another era. So he took the character back to the 1950s and borrowed a popular theme at the time: deranged sci-fi movies that featured aliens as villains. So he pitched his ideas to the writers, which were limited to Indiana Jones fighting Russians and searching for evidence of alien life in ancient civilizations. In 1995, the script was titled Indiana Jones and the Saucer Men (Indiana Jones and the Saucer Men) which already included scenes in which Indiana survives a nuclear bomb explosion by hiding inside a refrigerator. The difference is that the story was more focused on the fight against flying saucers and aliens, but the release of Independence Day (60%) put the project on hold.

income of Frank Darabont took place at the turn of the new millennium, where they spent a whole year working together to curate the story Steven Spielberg (Via Force, There he said that he tried to give the filmmaker a script that he could like. Although it didn’t end well for him, drafts of the script can be found online where you can see that many key elements remain intact Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal SkullBut he knows how to use his resources in a better way and hence it is a more engaging story.

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City of Gods did not include Irina Spalko or Mutt

Cate Blanchett plays Irina Spalko, the main villain, and despite being a good actress in the film, she didn’t impress with her overly Russian accent, as well as her wardrobe and hairstyle making her appear less serious. The character does not appear in the said script, which features several villains. Most notable among them is the President of Peru, who tries to use the hero to find the city and get credit. The removal of Spalko’s story makes the film less silly as it doesn’t have the same level of danger as others the franchise has gone through. Another who does not appear is Mutt (Shia LaBeouf), the young man who travels to Indiana to search for his mother in Peru; Here it is revealed that Marion is the mother and our hero is the father. Darabont’s screenplay omits the play because the monastery does not exist, and instead Indiana goes in search of the Russians who have tried to deceive the people by saying that he is a traitorous communist and the only way to clear his name. The way is to find the artifact or the place you are looking for so much. This change also means that both Indiana and Marion flirt again when they meet, which adds to the fun of the story.

many surprising and meaningful cameos

Sean Connery is given a starring role in the script as Indiana Jones’ father, and Sallah (John Rhys-Davies) also returns. These characters were not in the fourth installment, although it was reported that Connery was asked to return but declined. Although these could be considered fan service, reports of script shadow He mentioned that he became a great addition as he contributed a lovable and familiar quota to the story.

the ending is more enlightening and shocking

Anyone who’s seen Kingdom of the Crystal Skull knows that at the end they find the lost city in Peru and contact the aliens that ends the villain’s life. Darabont’s script has a very similar structure, the difference being that it allows the audience to learn more about the aliens by giving them lines of dialogue that provide more background regarding their appearance. The creatures offer to grant their wishes, which of course ends the Russo’s ambitious life while Indy contemplates it but in the end he realizes that what he yearns for most is… Marion’s love. As such, the wedding has a deeper meaning than just the movie that hit the theatres.

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