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Are you in need of a movie with thrilling excitement and a good laugh? Chaotic Threesome Inside wingwoman It promises you just that, with a little drama in between.

Released on November 1, this new French action-comedy film has been dominating Netflix’s top spots for movies in the Philippines as well as other countries like Brazil, France, and Vietnam.

Directed by and starring filmmaker Mélanie Laurent, who also dabbles in action and comedy films murder mystery 2 And crazy lady ball, The film presents a new perspective on women empowerment.

Curious yet? This is what you need to know about this film full of action and comedy.

It has an all female lead cast
Carroll (Mélanie Laurent) Alex, (Adèle Exarchopoulos), and Sam (Manon Breche).

Mélanie Laurent plays Carol, a notorious professional thief who is all set to retire and start a new life, but due to a last-ditch demand from her boss Marrene (Isabelle Adjani), she has to pull off one last exciting heist. There is no option left but to do it. His chosen team: his best friend Alex and their marksman (Adele Exarchopoulos); and a young, talented race car driver named Sam (Manon Brache), who is also haunted by a dark past.

Despite the thrilling but risky nature of their work, these three will show you not only their heroic side, but also their versions of vulnerability and quirkiness, on and off missions.

“I’ve noticed that in action movies, women aren’t very funny – they’re often scary. thoughts in wingwoman “The idea was to portray a group of girlfriends that everyone wanted to hang out with,” explained Melanie. Diversity,

In a scene from the teaser, Alex is in “shock” after being dumped by one of her boyfriends and during the climactic mission, she makes sure to update Carol about it through her earpiece.

He added, “I like the fact that we had the freedom to depict those characters smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol when they’re not kicking ass.” “We wanted wingwoman Becoming Rock ‘n’ Roll. “It’s kind of our French touch.”

A new perspective on women empowerment and sisterhood

Passionate about finding and sharing stories related to themes of women’s empowerment, Melanie used her previous film crazy lady ball as inspiration for Wingwoman.

Although both films differ in genres, both were found to be similar to some extent, especially with the challenges that the community faces in relation to their genre.

“I wanted to continue making films on women and thought I should make a film that reflects our times. And as I was developing it, I realized that women were actually facing some of the same problems that they faced before in order to be independent,” she shared.

The filmmaker emphasized how the film aims to break stereotypes, especially in the pursuit of romance.

“With the thought wingwoman She said, “The idea was to make a film about women who are independent, who can have children and be mothers, even if they haven’t found the right man who checks all the criteria.”

The brotherhood of the trio is one of the highlights of the film, which they have developed behind the scenes as well.

“We didn’t know each other, but I wrote the role for her and when we met a miracle happened!” Melanie recalls her friendship with Adele. She shared that she doesn’t really have any friends in the industry, and she only knows people she’s worked with, but she and Adele (unexpectedly) clicked.

“When we first met and had dinner together, I knew immediately that this was for life,” she said. “I knew she was extremely talented, but she really surprised me.”

For her part, Manon described her co-stars Adele as “making[her]very confident” and Melanie as “having a crazy maternal instinct.”

“Our energies are opposite, but she was able to give me direction and calm my restlessness,” Manon shared. vogue franceSaying that Melanie personally trained her for two months.

Leaving aside friendship, love and career problems, the film is packed with action sequences – skydiving, murder and lots of escapes.

To make the experience more special for her viewers, Melanie said that the daring stunts were performed by herself and her stuntwomen.

He shared, “We started preparing three months before (starting) filming, and then during the shooting we had a coach with us and we trained for two hours a day.”

She added, “I really wanted to make that scene as believable as possible, so we filmed it with real stuntwomen instead of doing it with VR and special effects.”

This involved Adele training with a sniper for her role as the team’s marksman. “By the end of the shoot she was such a professional, she didn’t even blink as she shot,” Melanie said.

wingwoman now streaming Netflix, Watch the trailer below:

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