Everything You Need to Know Before Deciding on Microbangs

“To cut bangs or not to cut bangs, is that the question?” Model Karen Elson (whose chameleon beauty forces her to defend just about anything) popped this question on her Instagram profile after the hairdresser Paul Hanlon chopped his bangs just four centimeters long for Gucci’s Cruise 2024 show held in Seoul last May.

The question has its own meaning, because like most radical haircuts, bangs (and especially if we are talking about one that does not touch the eyebrows) require a great commitment. It cannot be denied that after years of long reign, microbangs are having their moment, the curtain styles that we inherited from Brigitte Bardot or Jane Birkin and that cut used to be called “rich girl hair”. Has, a part in the middle and clear towards the front. The short expression of bangs is already attracting interest since summer: from the most daring and subversive version of Bella Hadid (another model whose beauty allows her to show off very short, spiky and gelled hair) in the latest Marc Jacobs glasses campaign ) or more classics, such as the removable films of Olivia Rodrigo and Emily Ratajkowski that are reminiscent of the glamor and sweetness of Audrey Hepburn. sabrina,

Bella Hadid in the Marc Jacobs campaign, with a gelled version of microbangs. Photo: @MarcJacobs

In fact, there are many successful references: let’s remember Mia Farrow in the sixties with her famous “Sassoon cut”, a very short “pixie” that boosted her career and made Frank Sinatra fall in love with her, or Even before that, Natalie Wood’s girly image in the Fifties, and Elizabeth Taylor’s portrayal of supreme beauty (whose bangs, by the way, led the world to believe that Cleopatra wore them). Perhaps the most famous short bangs in history belong to Bettie Page (whose mother was a hairdresser), whose rounded shape minimized her high forehead while allowing the light to illuminate her face in photographs. Uma Thurman also etched her name in film history with her black wig pulp FictionEven a teenage Natalie Portman Lion (Both films 1994). In recent times Zendaya, Marion Cotillard, Zoe Kravitz, Charlize Theron and Emma Stone have defended it on red carpets and events, and it has been a protagonist in beauty products offered by fashion brands such as Gucci, Prada, Etro and Balmain Is. There are countless versions of Copenhagen street style photos. Microexpression of bangs is a trend.

At the last Copenhagen Fashion Week, microbangs emerged as a trend.

However, no matter how many inspirational images you have before deciding on such a radical cut, it’s essential to face the most shared fear when considering: these bangs will take a long time to grow (if we Keeping this in mind) it takes an average of 1 to 1.5 centimeters for hair to grow every month, we can grow for more than a year) until it hides itself and disappears into the rest of the hair. It doesn’t happen.

“A person who wants this type of cut wants a fairly pronounced change in their image, as microbangs greatly affect the face. look for a Look Strong, a remarkable and perceptible change, so the most important thing to keep in mind when considering this is that, first of all, you are clear that you want this change and everything that it entails: long term with microbangs Don’t go back until it gets bigger,” he says. S Fashion Iñaki Ferro, founder and creative director of A Contrapello in San Sebastian. magazine vogue usa Turns out the furor over this challenging hairstyle dates back to the recent revival of the 1990s. Ferro defines the micro bangs trend of 2023 as a cut that should never exceed the middle of the forehead and whose width or finish depends on both the shape of the person’s face and their personal style. In fact, one of these bangs embraces many aesthetics as an identity: from the glamor of Hollywood red carpets to the countless expressions of punk. Or anti-system movement.

Technically, before starting, “you need to take into account turns and textures as well as habits and gestures. Before doing this type of cut, I ask a question about whether they move the hair away from the face with their hand, or tilt it up, these types of gestures go against the way we want to direct the hair. ,” says Ferro.

To make it look good: Is the cut only suitable for straight hair?

“Personally I feel that hair fall should be fixed and should be able to stay well on the forehead so as to have an attractive aesthetic effect. If it’s very bad hair or hair that is loose and matted, I would discard it because it will end up looking like a nebula and not a defined shape. I do not think that it should always be straight, it can be wavy or even curly, but it should have a defined shape and a certain density so that the cut looks clean and with a fringe structure that frames the face well. Flatten and outline with this,” explains this barber.

Faces, Features and Age: Who Looks Better with Microbangs?

“It’s complicated. It’s not just about the face, but about the person’s style and what he or she wants to show. For example, Rossi De Palma—who has worn it on occasions—might have They may not have the features that some stylists recommend for this type of haircut, but he has worn it precisely to accentuate them. A feat has been accomplished. Look Strong who affirms his identity, far from hiding his nose or its oddities. I give examples to explain that although it can be said that many faces do not support microbangs, I think this is a very personal viewpoint. Some people will think that a round face is too round to wear this, but there will be people who definitely want to enhance that roundness, which would be ideal. It’s as subjective as a person’s personal vision of beauty is,” reflects Ferro.

This makes microbangs suitable for any age. “There is no age for me. actually there blog About older people fashion where you see women over 80, ultra-short, tousled, cropped bangs, super styled and who are gorgeous. In fact, I believe that sometimes even at older ages they can provide a person with a great sense of fresh air, fun and a lot of carefreeness,” says Farrow.

types of microbangs

“There are infinities. They can also be integrated into a short pixie, straight, into a gradient, into short French-style hair, or into an ultra-long layered cut… Herein lies the skill of the professional, who knows how to combine it with different Integrate styles,” says Farrow. The client must be able to defend it well every day and until the bangs grow out, she specifies, so it is essential that this cut evolves well as the days and weeks go by. “It is essential that it is well developed. This is something inherent to any good haircut. Even if it loses its shape as it grows, it should be fine. And this is where the skill of a good professional is seen. A micro bang should be transformed into a beautiful fringe that is flattering, that molds to the person’s face and that grows out soft and fluid and that does not create any problems for the person as they move on to other new styles. Do’, explain. Of course, if you want to maintain it, you’ll have to touch it up once a month.

How to dry and style it properly at home

Every good hairdresser will tell you that the less maintenance a haircut requires, the better: ideally one will have to do without straighteners and products, although in some cases, such as microbangs, this is unavoidable. “If you have wavy hair, at home I would comb them with wet hair and some product, and I would always dry them with the dryer on top, focusing the air downwards, with very gentle force and try So that I don’t move them.” “It has a natural shape and doesn’t look like forced bangs,” Farrow recommends. “If it’s straight hair with weight and a straight line, I’ll dry it directing it from the back area of ​​the head forward Wind towards the eyebrows, first diagonally towards one eyebrow and then towards the other, so that the bangs lie flat and with natural movement,” he adds. As for anti-frizz products, she recommends Aveda’s Smooth Infusion line without a doubt silk shine From Ove.

Two anti-frizz products to control short bangs: Ove’s Silk’n Glow and Aveda’s Smooth Infusion.

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