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If you were a lover of the plot of Game of Thrones (game of Thrones) surely you are looking forward to the return of the fictional world of Westeros and its dragons to the screen with the premiere of House of The Dragona story that takes place years before what we have already seen on screen during the eight seasons of the successful production that began in 2011.

House of The Dragon returns from the hand of its creator, the writer George RR Martin and screenwriter Ryan Condal with a new series that promises to be just as impressive as its predecessor; will not be the only production derived from game of Thronesthe arrival of more than one spin-off of the fictional universe of Westeros has been confirmed, the most striking being the Jon Snow sequel series.

Thanks to the advances of this project we have been able to appreciate the arrival of new dragons, like the ones we saw accompanied by the character of Emilia Clarke Two years ago.

What do I need to know to watch ‘House of The Dragon’?

The first thing you should know is that in the series The characters that we have met in the previous installment will not appearthe events of this story take place 200 years before the conception of Danerys Targaryen and Jon Snow.

House of The Dragon will focus on the story of one of the most powerful families in the canon: the targaryens. That lineage that is characterized by having blonde hair, almost white, and the power to resist fire; They are also known to be bearers of dragons, the only family capable of training and riding them.

Within the series of game of Thrones we could see a little of this family, from the beginning of the series there is talk of Aerys Targaryens. That ‘Mad King’ who did not let go of the Iron Throne and destroyed his opponents by burning him alive. In the same way we could see the character of Emilia Clarke, the “mother of the dragons”, fight to reach the capital of Westeros.

The series will show the moment in history when the reign of the targaryens he had not yet succumbed to madness and they were respected by all the other families in the kingdom. We will also see more dragons than were presented within game of Thrones.

Despite knowing the context from which the series will be generated, there is still not much information about what the plot that the characters will follow will be.

The cast of the series has stellar participations of actors who have already appeared on the big screen as matt smith who will be one of the Targeryens hand in hand with Paddy Considine and Emma D’Arcy. We will also see the participation of Olivia Cooke as the daughter of the ‘hand of the king’ at that time.

The ‘hand of the king’ refers to the fictional position held by certain characters in the world of game of Thronesis the direct adviser to the king who helps him make decisions that will affect the entire medieval world of ‘Westeros’.

Where did the story of ‘House of Dragon’ come from?

The inspiration for this story has come from the books written by George R. R. Martinspecifically one: fire and blood (2018). The book roughly explains what the reign of the Targeryen dynasty was like during its heyday.

However, according to the media IGN the creators of the series have confirmed that the events of House of The Dragon they will only take the novel as inspiration and instead will tell a different story than the one presented by George RR Martin in 2018.

When is ‘House of Dragon’ released?

You can enjoy the series within the HBO Max platform next August 21When will the first episode be available?

The season will have 10 weekly chapters that will come to light every Sunday. It is unknown if there will be a second installment of House of The Dragon.

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