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Mass Effect it could become one TV series produced by Amazon Studios, according to some recent news, but the idea was strongly criticized by one of the former scriptwriters at BioWare, well explaining his vision which, in many respects, is actually acceptable.

As we have seen, there is a possibility that Mass Effect will become a TV series produced by Amazon Studios, but the ex-BioWare David Gaider, who worked mostly on Dragon Age but was also involved in Mass Effect, sees it as a pretty flawed idea. Gaider is skeptical especially for some structural elements of Mass Effect that cannot be reproduced in a TV series without strongly distorting them.

As reported by Gaider in a series of Tweets, first of all the hero of Mass Effect is built by the players, so even the simple choice of Shepard’s gender made by a TV series risks already alienating a good part of the public. Furthermore, the Mass Effect protagonist is designed to be essentially a container, which the player must fill with his choices but without his own defined personality.

Such a choice does not work for a passive medium, such as TV, in which the protagonist must act to have his own personality, but all this is different with the nature of Shepard. In addition, much of the story of Mass Effect was carried on by the companions, including dialogue, background and events set up by the group.

This too is difficult to render in a TV series, which usually favors a figure over all others and the fact that personages well known can become mere extras is high. This feature could be favored by choosing a TV series instead of a film, but it must still be balanced well, because focusing too much on many characters risks making the plot dispersive.

In short, Gaider does not agree very much with the choice of making Mass Effect a TV series and, as a video game writer, supports his ideas well. In the meantime, we’ve seen that Mass Effect: Legendary Edition may be coming to Xbox Game Pass soon.

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