Exatlón México: 5 PHOTOS with which Yamileth Escárcega blew up Instagram

the sinaloense Yamileth Escárcega was removed from Exatlón Mexico this January 8, after facing a hard battle against Tzasna; However, during her participation in this high-performance physical program, she managed to win the hearts of thousands of people, who follow her on her social networks.

nothing of this reality show conclude, the young woman from Culiacán he had to leave the broadcast, after his red team was at risk.

“I am the most recent eliminated, but I am very satisfied with the races I gave, with the effort I put into each of the races, 17 races, I didn’t even know I was capable of that, apart from a great teammate took me out, a great friend, I am very proud and very satisfied with my performance today”, expressed the athlete.

broke it in networks

But beyond his participation in Exatlón Mexicothe young woman has managed to conquer thousands of Internet users who do not miss the publications that Yamileth shares on her Instagram account and in which she has made it clear not only her great strength and physical performancebut also its beauty.

Hours before being eliminated, the athlete called on her followers to never give up. Photo: IG/yamiescarcega

In social networks he has also allowed to see your good taste when it comes to wearing bikinis; white with black, yellow and blue details, are some with which he has turned on the temperature of his fans.

For Yamileth, “life is better in a bikini.” Photo: IG/yamiescarcega

He has boasted his time in the Mucuyché Cenote.
Photo: IG/yamiescarcega

Yamileth studied nutrition at the Autonomous University of Sinaloa (UAS). In the javelin throw, she managed to set the mark of 48.96 meters and obtained the gold medal at the 2015 National Olympiad. Currently, have 24 years and on digital platforms he boasted a photograph of the bouquet of flowers he received on his last birthday.

On January 28, he will be 25 years old. Photo: IG/yamiescarcega

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