Excellent! Three critically acclaimed series and where to watch them

Where?: Star+, Netflix and Disney+

The second season of this series was announced a few days back. “Bear” (“Bear”) will arrive in Mexico on August 23 and those of us who’ve seen Bear before have been blown away, because this is one of the best submissions to the small screen in recent years.

The story starring chef Carmen “Carmi” Barzato by Jeremy Allen White showed us in its first installment just how stressful and frustrating adult life and the world of work can be, especially in the kitchen, and for the second we’ll see what it is like. That’s what happened with Chicago’s El Oso restaurant.

And why is it important? because like in the first season one 100% rating According to reviewers on the specialty site Rotten Tomatoes, the second installment, which has already been released in the US, has the same score!

In addition, although it is not 100%, in the same portal the audience rated the first season with 92% and let’s remember that his work brought Jeremy Allen White the Golden Globe as comedy or musical actor.

While we wait for “The Bear” to return (the first season can be watched). star+) are other titles that show us that great stories can be told on the small screen and one of them is “Mysterious”, The animated series has been given 100% by Rotten Tomatoes critics and 96% by fans.

It is a story set in the League of Legends universe and released in 2021, which follows two sisters named V and Powder, in the midst of a war between the cities of Piltover and Zaun, over nine episodes.

Finally, and taking advantage of the enthusiasm of Spider-Man, there is an animated series on the Disney+ platform “The Spectacular Spider-Man” (“The Spectacular Spider-Man”), which aired for two seasons between 2008 and 2009.

This version of Arachnid has received 100% approval from critics and 96% approval from fans.

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