Exclusion of hunting dogs from the Animal Welfare Act

The PACMA Animalist Party has informed the Intergroup of the European Parliament on the Welfare and Conservation of Animals about the amendment that the PSOE has presented in Congress to exclude hunting dogs from the Animal Welfare Law.

“Intervene in the way you see fit”

Through a letter, the formation has asked the European body to “intervene in the way it deems appropriate” to prevent the Executive from carrying out this initiative.

Although PACMA considers this state law “very necessary”, it has warned that the project approved by the Government “is completely insufficient” because “only covers animals considered as pets and wild animals in captivityleaving out those used in bullfighting showsto the wildto the used in experimentation and production” which, as explained by the party’s legal adviser, Eva Ramos, “are the vast majority.”

In addition, they regret that the Socialists have amended the text to exclude all animals used in specific activities and, among them, dogs and other animals used for hunting.

The Project prohibited pigeon shooting

“The Project also prohibited the pigeon shooting hunting modality, in which live birds are placed in tubes to be thrown and shotand through the same amendment mentioned, intends to remove that ban as well. It is hard to believe that a supposedly progressive government would do something like this, but it is real,” Ramos said.

Given this scenario, PACMA sent a letter to the Government indicating, among other issues, that the Intergroup had already warned in an open letter sent last year that “the treatment given to hunting dogs in Spain contradicts European values” and that “there is no justification for differentiating them from the protection given to pets”.

In the same way, the Executive was told that “the MEPs did not understand that while hunting modalities such as hunting with rehala are prohibited in the rest of Europe due to their extreme cruelty, in Spain they are protected and encouraged by governments through declarations of Well of Cultural Interest (BIC)”.

“With absolute impudence, the Government has not only ignored and contravened what was requested from the Intergroup, but in the text of the amendment presented they affirm, on top of that, that it is in line with the regulation of the Union Union”, pointed out the legal adviser of the animalista party.

The Refuge Association

But PACMA has not been the only organization that has acted after the announcement of the socialist amendment. The president of the El Refugio association, Nacho Paunero, has written a letter to the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, in which he points out that, in the meetings he has held with the PSOE for years, he has always been transferred to the party that “the main focus and origin of abandonment and dog abuse“in the country” is located rooted in the hunting environment“.

“I always made you aware that, in order to put an end to abandonment and mistreatment, it was necessary to end the impunity from which those who breed and imprison dogs operate to use them in their hunting practices, forcing them to endure miserably insane and depressing lives. Rehalers on a large and small scale that dot our geography in all its corners, “he explains in the letter.

“Your attitude was always the same throughout all these years; you welcomed me, you listened carefully, you understood my message, and the final reaction was always ‘we will do everything possible‘”, has added.

However, Paunero recognizes that, in this time, the socialists “never” have made “a single proposal, amendment, decree, or similar, that would mean the slightest damage to the absolute freedom enjoyed by hunters and their environment, in reference to the treatment they give to the dogs they use”.

“Taboo” topics: hunting and bullfighting

“I began to understand that no matter how progressive you define yourself as a political party, there are two taboo subjects for youtwo topics that are untouchable, whoever comes to talk to you about them: hunting, and bullfighting”, he lamented.

Given this scenario, the president of El Refugio assumes that the PSOE “will never do anything that harms the hunting activity of this country” or something that “meant expressly portraying oneself in favor of the suffering and death caused to millions of dogs used by lovers of killing animals for sadistic pleasure, and lucrative business”.

“There, I have to admit that you have surprised me beyond my reasonable margins”, Paunero pointed out, before reminding the President of the Government that there is still time to withdraw the amendment and “correct the immense disappointment and sadness that you have just produced to more than a million Spaniards”.

“And I just want to make you aware of one more fact: the more time passes, those of us who love animals and want to protect them, are increasingly tired of politicians who no longer just look the other way and they do nothing to relieve all that pain, but also openly propose initiatives that promote and legalize mistreatment and death”, he concluded.

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