Exercise to lose weight: Flatten the bulging belly and lose weight fast with the ‘spider’

We are days away from the start of the swimsuit seasonIf you are looking for how to show off an enviable figure, we share the new aerobic exercise that promises to give you a flat stomach, burn calories and tone the body. The best? It can be done practically anywhere, without leaving home, without complicated equipment, the only tool you need is your body and good discipline. Doing it correctly “spider” It promises to give results from the first sessions.

The spider is not one of the easiest exercises, nor do you need to be an expert in the world of fitness To do it, just remember, the most important thing when doing a routine is not to force our body and do a couple of stretches to warm up the muscles before starting.

summer body
Muscle stretch. Photo: Pexels

Benefits of the “spider”

  1. Work different muscles such as glutes, biceps, legs and abdomen.
  2. Increases the movement and flexibility of our body.
  3. This exercise produces muscle tension, which is good, because the more muscle tension, the better results.
  4. Reduces anxiety and improves mood.
Exercise for flat stomach
Exercise. Photo: File

How to do it correctly?

This training is highly effectivebut like any exercise routine that is not performed correctly, it can cause us some kind of damage, so to prevent you from getting hurt, we give you the step by step to make the spider without any risk and in the easiest way.

  1. Hands on the ground open at shoulder height.
  2. We keep one leg as stretched as possible and the other bent at chest level.
  3. Alternate the position of the legs doing small jumps.
  4. Crawl about a meter and repeat.

We recommend doing this exercise in an open space, two or three times a week, as you get used to the rhythm, do 10 to 15 repetitions with each leg, about three or four times per routine.

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