Exercise to prevent knee and lower back injuries

You may not be aware yet, but improving hip internal rotation is very important for various reasons. For example, our ability to flex our knees well depends on it, a gesture that is especially important for those who run. In addition to avoiding problems in this part of the body, good internal hip rotation prevents pain in the lower back.

In this video, our personal trainer Víctor Téllez (@vtellezcoach) teaches us an ideal exercise for this objective. Specific, we must kneel the leg with which we want to improve that rotation on a yoga block and we stretch the other one to the side.

We place the hand of the knee resting on the block on the hip, an area that we push backwards. For his part, We move the arm that remains free forward, as if we wanted to grab something.

As for the breath, we must exhale deeply during the exercise. Another detail to take into account is that the back must be completely straight.

If you have questions about this or other exercises, our coach will answer you without problems through his social networks. In addition, you can access this link in case you want to know more about other workouts, exercises, tips or tricks.

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