Expert guide: This is how stockings are worn this 2023

Take note, because we are about to reveal the top secrets to wear tights like a true fashion connoisseur this 2023. Take out your favorite skirts and dresses to give them a new look in these days between seasons.

Stockings have always been and will always be one of our favorite garments to wear on cold days, or on those days where the temperature is very changing, like in February. This year, their success will not only be due to the quality they have to make an outfit more creative, but also because they are the star garment to mark the silhouette of the legs, and this 2023 that quality is a must.

Gone are the days of baggy jeans and oversized pants, this year skinny outfits are back and are slowly being incorporated. From skinny jeans to animal print stockings and glitter applications.

Do you want to wear tights like an expert?

Tights with bold patterns

tights 2023
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Anne Hathaway is one of the most fashionable celebs of the moment, she shows it to us every time she appears on a red carpet and every time a paparazzi captures her in her day-to-day life. On this occasion she has been thanks to Haute Couture week, which we have been able to see her making the most of her good taste in her fashion.

The actress has shown us that stockings are what is today, and that is why she has worn them as protagonists on several occasions. But it was the Valentino fashion show in which he decided to take the riskiest but most chic proposal by wearing animal print stockings, which reaffirms that this pattern is back, and if you wear it in a total look that includes stockings, better.

textured tights

Turn your stockings into one more accessory that elevates your outfit just as Chiara Ferragni did to attend the Schiaparelli Haute Couture show. Tights with 3D patterns are one of the favorite designs for this 2023. They are ideal for those days when you want to take a little more risk by wearing a short jumpsuit, dress or skirt. Accentuate the silhouette of the legs by wearing platforms or heels in the same color or in your contrasting tone if you want to draw all the attention to your legs.

colored stockings

tights 2023

Black is a classic that will never go out of style. Black stockings will always be a must that every woman should have in her drawer. However, this 2023 it is also worth wearing socks of other colors, the more vibrant the better.

This year comes to be an explosion of colors and defined silhouettes, very inspired by the time in the early two thousand, when skinny jeans were the sensation of the moment. We know that it is a risky bet, but if you want to be confident with your outfit, a monochrome look will always be the best option.

shiny tights

tights 2023

These stockings became relevant at the end of last year, so much so that they sold out in all fast fashion stores such as Zara or H&M. This 2023 they are still booming and they are worn mainly at night for special events or outings with friends. If you combine them with biker jackets and leather garments, your look will be a resounding 10.

She wears stockings with high boots

The best way to wear tights this season is to do it with long boots, just like Dua Lipa, another great fashion icon, has done. If you want to put together a quick, but super chic outfit, then choose the classic transparent black tights and your favorite long boots.

This 2023 boots with several buckles will be the sensation. Ready to look gorgeous?

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