Experts shed light on the eventful arrival of the Russian nuclear submarine at its destination

A Russian fleet composed of three ships and a nuclear-powered submarine arrived in the port of Havana (Cuba) a week ago. These are the rescue tug ‘Nikolai Chiker’, the frigate ‘Admiral Gorshkov’, the tanker ‘Pashin’ and the submarine ‘Kazan’. “This visit corresponds to the historical friendly relations between Cuba and the Russian Federation and strictly follows the international rules to which Cuba is a State party,” Cuban diplomacy indicated.

However, as reported, the images left upon arrival at the port have given much to discuss Newsweek. Several observers of the war in Ukraine have shared photos of the submarine docked at the dock, in which several holes can clearly be seen in the ship’s hull.

“The Russian submarine began to break down during a visit to Cuba,” wrote Igor Sushko, a Ukrainian military blogger and executive director of the research group. wind of changeOn social networks

But he is not the only warfare expert speaking out. Marijn Marcus, a data scientist based in the Netherlands, said on LinkedIn that “Russia’s newest nuclear submarine, Kazan, breaks down while visiting Cuba.” He reported that “its soundproofing panels are falling off, which means the ‘stealth’ submarine probably makes very loud noises underwater and lights up on sonar.”

“While docked, Russian divers were seen around the submarine, possibly attempting to repair the tin bathtub. Surprisingly, the submarine is only 6 years old. Note that the loss of tiles is a problem that Western submarines also suffer from. This is often a problem due to the adhesives and the constant compression and expansion of the hull,” he said.

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