Explosion at a fast food restaurant in Cayey injured several people

An explosion registered at a McDonald’s fast food restaurant located on Baldorioty de Castro street in Cayey caused injuries to at least two people.confirmed the Fire Department Bureau a The new day.

Yvonne Rosariopress spokesman for the Fire Department, indicated that the explosion was reported at 12:45 pm today, Thursday.

Rosario indicated that, for the moment, two people were injured and were transported to the Mennonite hospital, although their health status was not indicated. A third person, an employee, also received minor injuries, but was treated at the scene by EMS personnel and left the scene.

The Lieutenant Ismael Cartagenadirector of the Explosives Division of the Police Bureauindicated to The new day that the restaurant manager maintained that the explosion was caused by a gas leak.

The manager informed us that he smelled gas in the kitchen area. He immediately went to the back of the restaurant to close the valve (to cut off the flow of gas to the equipment that requires it) and in doing so an explosion occurred. The explosion caused damage to the windows of the restaurant and, as a consequence of this, two clients who were in that place received minor lacerations,” Cartagena highlighted by telephone.

The officer added that the Explosives Division is always activated when these types of incidents occur and that, for now, the statements offered by the manager, whose name was not revealed, agree with what, so far, they have found at the scene. .

“Personnel from the Caguas Explosives Division are in charge of the investigation. Findings at the scene are consistent with information provided by the manager. There was no fire per se because, as a result of the explosion, the gas (accumulated inside the restaurant) was consumed. The damage caused was more due to the expansion of the (pressure) wave. So far, all findings have been corroborated by the manager’s statement and are consistent with an accidental occurrence. But anyway we will carry out an investigation to rule everything out”, Cartagena emphasized.

Meanwhile, the Lieutenant Luis Cumbawho is in charge of the Cidra Fire Department station, told The new day that personnel from the Cidra, Cayey and Caguas stations extinguished a fire in the kitchen area after the explosion, an action that took them half an hour. They then proceeded to air out the restaurant and cool down the area.

Cumba added that the fire investigation agent (Fire Marshall) will be in charge of determining the cause of the explosion. When asked if the establishment had registered any faults during the inspection and permits process carried out by the Fire Department, the agency undertook to verify if inspectors from the Fire Prevention Division had reported problems in past inspections.

Personnel from the Cayey, Caguas and Cidra Fire Department, together with agents from the Municipal Office for Emergency Management (OMME) and Police units attended the scene.

Arcos Dorados, the company that operates McDonald’s restaurants in Puerto Rico, indicated, through written statements, that employees followed all security protocols when they noticed a possible gas leak on the premises.

However, the expressions about the actions taken are not entirely compatible with the version that the manager offered to the Caguas Explosives Division.

“Representatives of Arcos Dorados assured that the incident that occurred at its Cayey restaurant located on Baldorioty de Castro street is under control and all its restaurant employees are well. Suspecting a possible gas leak, the employees took immediate action, evicting the restaurant and following all the security protocols, managing to close the premises prior to the explosion,” the company highlighted.

“The company confirmed that there are two diners with minor injuries and both people are receiving medical attention. As part of the security protocols for employees and customers, the company will keep the restaurant closed and will continue to collaborate in the investigation of the incident,” highlighted Arcos Dorados.

The explosion occurred at the McDonald's restaurant located on Baldorioty de Castro street in Cayey.
The explosion occurred at the McDonald’s restaurant located on Baldorioty de Castro street in Cayey. (Supplied)

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