explosive! Adamari López sweeps her new bikinazo during her vacations

Summer vacation has finally arrived Adamari Lopez. Fate could not be more magical. with his daughter Alaia embarked on the Disney adventure, this time in a very special way, on their storybook cruise!

The little girl was enthusiastic about this trip with her mom, who shared some endearing images from the boat.

And also from the beach! The sun, the sand and the sea were the great accomplices of another wonderful day outside the ship in which both wore swimsuits of the same design.

Thus, on the shores of the sea, a sexy Adamari posed like a mermaid, stealing all eyes. “Vacation,” she wrote happily.

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The also actress posed with her most smiling girl and also alone, revealing her toned and fit figure as a result of her care and physical training.


Adamari also took advantage of her stay on this ship so full of magic to show from her cabin how she and Alaïa organize themselves with their looks. Some have the same pattern in common, but others are different and according to the style of each one.

“Alaïa and I are already on the Disney cruise and I wanted to share with you a little bit about how we organize our outfits when we are on a trip. Do you like to combine clothes with your children? We love to look the same with our looks,” she wrote on Facebook. .

A true dream trip in which they are enjoying all the magic of Disney, from its most famous presentations and corners, to its fireworks. An unforgettable vacation in which Adamari has become a girl again with her little girl.

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