Explosive French action film starring Zoe Saldanha enters Assau’s top 10

In theaters in 2011, the explosive action movie with Zoe Saldana “Colombiana” appeared in the Netflix catalog and is already installed in the top 10 best films. An excuse to (re)watch the muscular entertainment and joyful performance of the actress from the Avatar saga.

Zoe Saldanha as Jason Statham

Actress Zoe Saldanha is the star of the moment. En plus de sa jolie a performance by Emilia Perez Jacques Audiard in the Palme d’Or at the 2024 Cannes Film Festival, he is also worth highlighting on Netflix with an action film Colombian on the podium 10 best films. Added to the streaming platform catalog on May 15, 2024. Colombianfilmed in 2011 in a relatively anonymous movie theater, is now available in a new life online.

Cataleya (Zoe Saldaña) - Colombian
Cataleya (Zoe Saldanha) – Colombian ©EuropaCorp

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Directed by Olivier Megaton on a budget of $40 million. Colombian This is a production of EuropaCorp, Luc Besson’s studio. An entertaining film that unites three strong communities in spirit and intentions in one saga. Conveyor and etc. Takenpress and recall the equipment. For the attention of Luc Besson and his faithful companions Robert Mark Kamen, who participated in the writing, and Olivier Megaton, who was noted. Transporter 3, take 2 and etc. take 3.

Ainsi, it’s in the genre of explosive action movie, which Colombian story about suivante.

1992. Colombia. Cataleya, 9, helps his parents’ mother. On his way to the massacre, he took refuge in Etats-Unis, where Uncle Emilio’s son was a gangster… 15 years later, his work for him was like learning about gangsters. The Sign of the Meurtres of an Orchidee Dessinée on the Torse of the Victims: A Message of the Killers’ Intent your parents. Cataleya’s car est bien décidée à aller jusqu’au bout de sa Vengeance… quitte à perdre all ceux qu’elle aime.

Zoe Saldanha’s dance performance Colombian noticed

At the box office of the world, Colombian s’en pull a comb with world recipes worth 63 million dollars. On the critical plan, the reception is soft, he is notorious for his asterisk and for her to write something that would appeal to Luc Besson in all his action productions.

But Zoe Saldanha’s performance was well remembered. ColombianJDD found a note that “Zoe Saldana Puts On The Peu D’épaisseur Again On This Caliber Tuus“American Cat,” The Hollywood Reporter suggests, is a mise-en-scène that may not be a plus, but it will garner the most attention:

I never thought I’d enjoy doing it again and again in this French series with Zoe Saldaña, who at the time was an acrobat who made the ensemble respectable, but overall he was happy.

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