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If Exportaciones can be considered the most inadvisable place in the Republic, let’s not say anything about being in an orphanage inside Exportaciones. And as if that were not enough, living in the worst of the Exportaciones orphanages is the icing on the misfortune cake. Cassandra, sisters Emily and Rachel, boy Niko, and a few others have been sent where no one wants to go.

Even so, when the leaders of the Republic communicate that they are going to close the orphanage, they do not take it as good news. They know very well that your fate could be worse: they will retest them and that can be problematic.

For example, in Rachel’s case, repeat testing is catastrophic. Her aunt, who was a doctor, forged them the first time. Now they will realize that she is fertile, they will separate her from her sister and send her somewhere where she will act as a birthing machine.

Cassandra has a special ability: she is a real acrobat. His favorite activity is to sneak through the ventilation shafts, climb the pipes and come and go from the orphanage whenever he feels like it. His father was a rebel, a subversive who believed revolution was possible, but finally the Order forces caught him. As a consequence, Cassy was left an orphan and in the worst orphanage in Exports.

Peter Stone, president of Order, goes to the center and explains the matter of closing it. He is accompanied by his daughters, Vanessa and Adele. Both will be in charge of carrying out the tests. Whether each interested party can be sent to the Republic or remain in Exports depends on the results. Vanessa is cold, ruthless and authoritarian, a true Stone; Adele seems different, although we must not forget that she is also a Stone.

But who knows? Maybe Adele thinks differently and she can help change things.

Dystopia: Exports” tells us a story located in an imaginary world, with a highly hierarchical social organization and a dystopian background. Indeed, the Republic is not the best place to live and the Exports section, clearly marginal, even less so. In addition, there are even more sinister sites: Evidence is a secret place where scientific experiments of dubious ethics are carried out. The revolution promoted by the syndicalists seems the only way out.

It is in this context that this narrative unfolds. Cassandra soon discovers that perhaps the true enemy lies within everyone, that anyone can become a monster. But, on the contrary, she also realizes that there can always be good feelings within those who are least expected. All this, structured from alternating narratives in the first person of the different characters.

The novel tries to combine action and conflict with romance. Our protagonists will have to fight their inner demons and fight (also physically) for that society to change. Therefore, suitable for fans of the dystopian fiction genre.

Enjoy it, if you feel like it.


Dystopia: exports

Dystopia: exports

Sometimes I wonder if something in the past would have changed this, if such a catastrophe could have been stopped. Then I look closely at how the world works and realize that it’s always going to fail. We are too many sleeping monsters sharing the same space; and when one wakes up, the rest do too.

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