Eyes of Fire, the adaptation of the book by Stephen King, surpasses the 1984 film in a detail that you would not expect

The film of Ojos de Fuego, the new adaptation of Stephen King’s book, which already had a tape in 1984, has already been released, and the reception has not been as expected

Fire Eyes

Find a source of inspiration in literature it does not always have to be the best of tools possible in the cinema. Many times being able to perfectly adapt the feeling that one tries to generate through a book is tremendously difficult, since it is not played with the same means: the imagination. However, there are projects that have been very well adaptedalthough this phrase cannot always be said of everything that is coming.

For today we have to immerse ourselves with a titan of literature of terror and mystery: Stephen King. It has long been treated as one of the greats of these genres, as Stephen King he kept bringing us new novels, in addition to generating many adaptations of all the works he has. You have to think that he has written many stories, all of them with the most interesting elements for the big screen, so it was normal for us to see adaptations of them.

King’s work we are going to deal with today has not been adapted once, but now in 2022 we have a new version of the novel, somewhat updated. This is Eyes of Fire, a horror and science fiction novel that had its moment in 1984 with a very young Drew Barrymore, but that did not reach the popularity that was expected. Now in 2022 a much better prepared new tape was expected to arrive, but it seems that it has not been as expected.

Zac Efron in a Stephen King adaptation

We are going to go by parts, since to which do not know the project sure that something confusing is being done to it. Ojos de Fuego is the story of a family where the daughter has a series of superhuman abilities and her parents are going to do everything possible so that the poor girl can live quietly and control her powers. Here the government will enter the equation and the search to try to control this force of nature before it could cause a great catastrophe.

If we look at it from this point of view, it may seem a story very similar to the moments of a young Superman, what happens is that here we have Stephen King involved and for this new adaptation an attractive actor like Zac Efron. The actor has shown these years he does not do badly in drama rolesbut it seems that with this premiere things are not looking good, since it has managed to surpass the original in worst reception possible on your first weekend.

Fire Eyes

everything comes through the criticism it has received after its first viewings and the scores it has also obtained from the public. This means that it can be considered a great blow, since although the bar they did not have it very high with respect to the 1984 version of Fire Eyes, it seems that she may be on the way to not being able to collect what has been allocated to her. Although it is early to be able to speak, the way in which critics and the public have destroyed itdoes not predict something good.

The new adaptation of Ojos de Fuego has not come out at a good time

Seeking to make a good analysis of this situation, it should be noted that the premiere itself was not made uniquely in theaters, since it also appeared in streaming, something that has surely made the adaptation of Stephen King’s work suffer in theaters. However, if we look for more culprits we can find that we have a titan like Marvel with the second installment of Doctor Strange in theaters, something that surely has also had to do.

Everything seems to have come together indicate that this film will not have a good reception, since you have to see that on Rotten Tomatoes it has been busted from all possible sides, not reaching 50% on either side. Now we have to put our sights on others adaptations that seem to come from the writersince we heard recently that JJ Abrams wanted to do one of these adaptations, so we will have to see how it ends.

Fire Eyes

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