Ezra Miller, glory and fall of an ex-future Hollywood icon

Hollywood saw in Ezra Miller an icon. His piercing gaze and his dark hair had already seduced more than one. Many counted on the star to break the codes of a toxic masculinity still too present in the cinema. But that was before. In a few years, Ezra Miller, now 29, has destroyed all the hopes of fans. (Miller defines himself as a non-binary person. We will therefore use the pronoun “iel”, the French equivalent of the English “they”.)

Now a subscriber to the various news pages of the newspapers, the star has been multiplying for several years the scandals which tarnish not only his career but also his criminal record. The latest? An offense in a house in Vermont (United States) to steal bottles of alcohol.

Revealed in We Need to Talk About Kevin then especially in The Perks of Being a Wallflower alongside Emma Watson, Miller was ready, from 2016, to conquer the world by integrating two big Hollywood franchises: Harry Potter with his role as Credence in Fantastic Beaststhen DC Comics where he takes on the role of The Flash, whose film is scheduled for release in June 2023.

As of now, Miller has yet to be officially fired or replaced in the franchises, but that could change very soon. the HollywoodReporter reveals the three possible scenarios considered by Warner Bros. First of all, Miller, who is very much supported by his mother at the moment, could use some help from professionals. At that time, iel would give an interview to explain his behavior in his later years. The film Flash would come out well as planned, with some involvement from Miller in its promotion. Otherwise, even without iel being helped, Warner will release the film but without any media intervention from the interpreter of Barry Allen (Flash). Moreover, it seems obvious that the role will be cast again to replace Miller in the future. Finally, the disaster scenario for production: completely suspend the project. It’s impossible to change the performer now, because Miller appears in almost every scene. But burying a $200 million movie would trigger an unprecedented carnage for the franchise.

Choking and insults

From 2011, Miller applied to gradually destroy his reputation. During an arrest in Pittsburgh (United States), the authorities found in his pockets about twenty grams of cannabis. But the star is doing very well, his legal process is very fast and without incident. His image as a rebellious young celebrity is even reinforced, which is not to displease the fans.

The incident forgotten, Miller spent nine years building a future as a Hollywood icon. But, in 2020, the picture darkens and the scandals follow one another. It all starts with a video posted on social media in which we see Miller, dressed in a long red coat, strangling a young woman who appears to be a fan, before throwing her to the ground. The scene takes place in Iceland, outside the Prikið Kaffihús bar in Reykjavik. The establishment immediately asked the star to leave the premises. Carlos Reynirat the time a bartender in the establishment, told variety Miller’s escapades. “With Ezra, there was always something going on,” he begins. He then explains that the star had already started an argument with one of the customers, before strangling him and then hitting him. After an apology, they were able to continue to attend the establishment at the time.


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The young woman involved in the incident has agreed to share her version of the facts with variety, maintaining his anonymity. She says she chatted with the celebrity in the bar just before the scene. She asked him where the visible scars on his feet came from. Miller replies that they are the result of a fight. She laughs, saying, “Just so you know, I could totally beat you in a fight. So they meet in front of the bar and the incident happens immediately. “I thought it was just a joke. Until it got serious, ”says the young woman.

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