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The actor and director will be at the Biondo Theater in Palermo with the famous text that tells stories of complicated relationships, narcissism and hypocrisy: Truth can be painful

Fabrizio Falco challenges the English playwright Patrick Marber, bringing to the stages of the Biondo Theater in Palermo, from January 19, Closer, his most famous text, became a cult film by Mike Nichols in 2004, starring four super stars: Julia Roberts, Jude Law, Clive Owen and Natalie Portman.

a text that deals with themes in which everyone can recognize themselves
– explains the actor and director, Mastroianni and Ubu award in 2015, a pupil of Ronconi and revelation, in 2012, of the film by Daniele Cipr, was the son, with which he made his big screen debut alongside Toni Servillo -. We always believe we know the other: but an illusion. Through the protagonists of Closer, Marber tells of a selfish, narcissistic and hypocritical world. Lives and behaviors dominated by instinct. And complicated relationships. Dan, journalist with the ambition to write a best seller; Alice, an American in London who works in a strip club; Anna, successful photographer; Larry dermatologist with perverse erotic impulses. They know each other, hang out, love each other, betray each other, recover. To return, in the end, to being strangers.

An intense text. Which shows, Fabrizio Falco reflects, how dangerous the word love can be if supplanted by the impulse of possession; as the male and female views of feelings are different, the one is more related to physicality, the other is more emotional. How much, at times, one can be deaf to the feelings of the other. Love as a pretext to hurt, to hurt. For the 33-year-old actor and director, the author has built a perfect score of silences, times, pauses from which the scenes “mature”. A magnificent and little represented text due to the inevitable comparison with the film version, which is imposed in the collective imagination. From which I have chosen to move away in a clear way, looking for an approach almost in contrast to visual references. Hence the idea of ​​an abstract staging, devoid of any object. On stage only the bodies of the actors. In addition to Falco: Paola Francesca Frasca, Davide Cirri, Eletta del Castillo. Young Director Reveals: Before Closer I acted and directed The Misanthrope of Molire, but in these two texts, dated 1666 and 1997, I found incredible points of contact. The contrast between truth and lies for example. What matters in relationships? Is truth always the right choice or can it also lead to ruin? Marber clearly shows how telling the truth can sometimes be as painful as telling a lie.

Of his four characters, the author wrote: Anna the heart of the work, Alice the soul, Dan the brain and Larry the balls. Among them, Alice is most certainly intriguing me – Falco reflects -, a woman shrouded in mystery, who comes out of nowhere and disappears into nothingness. She longs to be loved but is afraid of being hurt… Dan, my character, I like her too. His restlessness, his restlessness, his impulsiveness make him very human. Unlike Larry, he is more manipulative. He calculates everything. Falco doesn’t judge any of the four: Otherwise I couldn’t face them as a director. I look at them from within, I see in each of them the reasons for behaving as they behave.

Closer will remain on stage until January 30th
. The hope that it will then turn – the young interpreter smiles -, the more you live in it, the more a show grows. Finished the girer performances The memory of the world, a film by Mirko Locatelli. With Francesco Saponaro we are preparing instead to stage The involuntary Dongiovanni, a show co-produced by Biondo and Teatri Uniti.

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