Factorio, the game to create automated factories, exceeds 3.5 million in sales

For a game in a niche genre to reach one million units in sales is quite a milestone, even when the title in question is sponsored by a renowned publisher. It is not the case of factorioone of those games in which the developer communication with the community, and recommendations from one player to anotherhave assumed that the title reaches the 3.5 million units in sales.

independent developers Wube Software They have published a statement on the official website where they have updated the game’s sales figures: “This year we have reached another sales milestone, with 3.5 million sales at Christmas time.” The title began its development in 2012, it was published in the Steam Early Access in 2016and its version 1.0 was released in 2020. This year it was released on Nintendo Switch.


“We are still seeing strong and consistent sales of around 500,000 [unidades] per yearthat in hindsight validates the no-offers policy since we launched on Steam in 2016“, say the developers, stating that the absence of discounts to the fixed price of 30 has not affected sales.

They also explain that the version of Switch has sold 40,000 units since its release in October, around what was “expected” by the study. “It seems to be extremely popular in japanwith about 40% of Switch sales from there”. They promise that they will continue updating this version, with improvements in the free cursor and in the driving of cars.

On the other hand, they insist on the implementation of controller compatibility for the PC version, although they warn that it will take time to arrive: “The next thing will be to add controller support for PC and Steam Deck [el ttulo est calificado como “Jugable” en esa plataforma], and full keyboard and mouse support for Nintendo Switch. It takes time and only me [el desarrollador ‘Twinsen’] I’m taking care of this, so I appreciate your patience.”

In addition, the Czech team has spread the following holiday greeting image which gives a glimpse of some of the novelties that the expansionwhich does not have a release date.

factor expansion

It was one of the highest rated titles on Steam at its premiere

factorio it’s a game about build and create automated factories to produce increasingly complex objects, within a infinite 2d world“, says the synopsis. “Use your imagination to design your factory, combine simple elements into ingenious structures, and finally protect them from creatures that do not appreciate you.” In 2020 it was the highest rated title on Steam along with Hades.

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