Faculty of Medicine of the UCV denies the closure of postgraduate courses due to student desertion


The Faculty of Medicine of the Central University of Venezuela (UCV) denies that several of its Postgraduates will close permanently due to lack of studentsas reported by the non-governmental organization Aula Abierta in its report Health university students at risk: violations of academic freedom and quality education.

16 postgraduates from the Faculty of Medicine of the UCV were left without students

According to a statement signed by Dr. Emigdio Balda, dean of the Faculty of Medicine, the number of graduates from postgraduate in 2022 in two cohorts was 298. Likewise, between the years 2015-2022, 3,706 professionals graduated for specialties, masters and doctorates.

He specified that by December 2022 the number of students enrolled in the different medical postgraduate courses was 1,587. While the number of applicants who registered in the first call (Competition 2022-Ingress 2023) was 1,384.

In the document issued this Monday, January 9, they also indicate that active undergraduate student enrollment until December 2022 at the Luis Razetti School of Medicine was 1,200 students and at the José María Vargas School of Medicine, 700 students.

On December 31, the NGO Aula Abierta indicated that in alliance with Radio Fe y Alegría they published a report made by the organization on the state of the Faculties and postgraduate medicine in the country. In addition to the serious circumstances faced by health students in Venezuela.

In the investigation they managed to document figures on the Student desertionas well as teachers. Also the shortage of medical supplies that exist in hospitals, which impedes the practice of professionals.

Report figures

According to the report, the absence of students and the scarce conditions for professional training led to the fact that 16 postgraduate degrees in Medicine they will stop being taught. These specialties were part of 34 clinical programs that had been inactive for several years due to lack of enrollment.

Ucab professor: Venezuela is risking its next 100 years due to educational decline

Aula Abierta specified that the data from his research were obtained by the Postgraduate Studies Management of the UCV. Among the figures, they indicate that for the year 2013, the Faculty of Medicine had a enrollment of 2,027 students; then, in 2014, it reached 2,229, and by 2015 it was 2,156. By 2022 there were only 1,587 graduate students or residents linked to the different clinical programs taught in Caracas.

In its research, the organization cites Ivonne Martínez, a last-year Medicine student and Student Counselor at the UCV, who reported that in 2016 417 people began to study medicine. Of that total, approximately 40% withdrew between 2017 and 2018 and by September 2022 there were only 135 students left, which represented a student dropout rate of 68%.

The NGO Aula Abierta highlighted that the shortage of supplies, violations of academic freedom, lack of technological updating, budget suffocationprecarious infrastructure, persecution and insecurity are some of the reasons that drive student and teacher desertion among the different postgraduate courses in the area of ​​Medicine in Venezuela.

Mairen Dona Lopezgreat caracas

Mairen Dona Lopezgreat caracas

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