Faitelson continues to tear Canelo apart: “He stained his only legacy”

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The sad night of May 7 continues to cause joy in the fierce critics of Saúl Álvarez seeing him defeated. One of those who has used the most to shout to the world “I told you so” is David Faitelson, who assured that Canelo “stained the only legacy” who saw him as a boxer professional until before being defeated by D’Mitry Bivol in Las Vegas.

The journalist has taken advantage of every space since Saturday to reconfirm that “Alvarez was not even remotely the best in the world”but now he went further by taking away the only merit he found in boxing, which was the ability to travel between divisions showing himself to be just as powerful.

“He sought to prove himself at 175 pounds and it is to be applauded that he leaves his comfort zone, that he tries something different. Before the fight with Bivol, I said that Canelo’s legacy would be the power to move from division to division without physically or technically detracting, but we already saw that not even that, it does detract physically and technicallyand that he has nothing to do at 175 pounds”, he affirmed for ESPN.

Already even throwing sarcasm, Faitelson mocked that Canelo They were already postulating him in a possible Full Weight fight when, according to his words, as soon as he went up to 175 pounds they gave him “a boxing review” for which he says that he better dedicate himself “to his own”, which is the 168 pounds.

“Eddie Hearn had the audacity to say that there was a chance of seeing the Canelo in a heavyweight fight against Oleksandr Usyk (World Heavyweight Champion of WBA, WBO, IBF and IBO). Oh my God! It is nothing more than a country dreamThat’s over,” he said.

“Canelo has to return to 168 pounds because at 175 pounds he gives up advantages and it is clear, it is evident, that after this presentation and his lack of resources, it is confirmed that Canelo Álvarez is not the best in the world as claimed so much“.

Now it is rumored that there could be Canelo vs. Bivol rematch provided that it is in the 168 pounds, the weight in which the Mexican devastated all opponents and is Undisputed World Champion. It is even speculated that the Russian could collect 30 million dollars to give Álvarez Barragán a second chance in his weight.

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