Faitelson explodes against those who celebrate Mexico’s qualification for the World Cup, talks about Honduras and Costa Rica


The selection of Mexico closed this Wednesday its classification to the Qatar World Cup 2022 after beating El Salvador on the last day of the Concacaf qualifier.

Despite this good news, Mexico they are not entirely happy with the work of the Aztec team led by “Tata” Martino, such is the case of David Fatelson.

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“Nothing to celebrate tonight. Please! Let’s not be ridiculous. Qualifying for the World Cup in the poverty of this competitive area is an obligation of Mexican soccer…”, was the message he launched Faitelson on their social networks.

Then, in an analysis for ESPN, continued to throw darts at his country. “There is absolutely nothing to celebrate, Mexico It has the obligation to qualify for the soccer World Cups through that area, I would call it poor or primitive in soccer terms. The most notable thing is the rebound in Canada, but that’s about it,” Faitelson said.

And he adds: “What had to happen happened, they have gone directly Canada, Mexico and the United States. Costa Rica going to the playoffs and I think if they hurry up and focus they can beat New Zealand and get that spot for the Concacaf”.

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Later, Faitelson attacked again Mexican team for their level of play.

“You have to worry about the poor performance of Mexicobecause always in the tie and also in the world, the style, the ways in which they achieve the points is the greatest virtue that the selection must have. Given the poverty of the rivals in this area, Mexico has the obligation to play better and win the games”, he stressed.


Finally, David Fatelson left a message to the Central American teams, that now they must worry about Canada and not about Mexico.

“The problem of El Salvador, Honduras, Panama And till Costa Rica It is not Mexico. The new problem they face in Concacaf is called Canadawhich shows soccer and has the structure and infrastructure to grow more and better than the Central Americans”, he highlighted.

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