Fake doses in Palermo, Costa: “We will contact and vaccinate those who have been deceived by the nurse”

“It will be our responsibility to collect all their files, contact them one by one, check their immunological status and vaccinate them.” The commissioner for the Coronavirus emergency in the province of Palermo, Renato Costa, comments on the news of the police arrest made today in Palermo. A nurse from the Fiera del Mediterraneo vaccination hub got into trouble, pretending to inject the vaccine to 47 people.

“Unfortunately, the new developments in the investigations make the story even more hateful and bitter – underlines Costa -. We thought it was just a sinister story of money and personal interests, but the investigation shows that this Civic hospital nurse, who occasionally performed vaccination shifts at the Mediterranean Fair, did not believe in science and put her unscientific ideas in front of her work. and its mission of protection “.

«The price of this betrayal – the commissioner remarks – was paid by all those citizens who believed they were vaccinated and, in spite of ourselves, we pay it who, as a hub, were convinced that we had done them a service. It will be our care to collect all their files, contact them one by one, check their immunological status, in collaboration with the Cqrc laboratory, directed by Professor Francesca Di Gaudio, and vaccinate them ».

Costa thanks the intervention of the police, in particular “Digos, to which we have provided all possible support from the beginning, for having shed light on this unpleasant affair, in such a way as to break a chain of ignoble deceptions that the citizens did not deserve and certainly neither did we and the cause we are serving ».

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