Fake Drake takes a fortune for his public appearances

Sosie pays off.

the FakeDrake » seems to have found a way to take advantage of its resemblance to the 6 Gods. The look-alike thus asserts generate nice income during his appearances.

Is the Fake Drake rolling in gold?

No doubt he has not yet reached the point of being able to bet (and lose!) 500,000 dollars on a fight like his model. Still remains only the fake drake, whose real name is Izzy, now generates comfortable income due to its resemblance to Champagne Papi. And it was DJ Akademiks who slipped the information, sharing a performance of the look-alike on stage, “replaying” if we can say the title Laugh Now Cry Later in front of an audience: “Would you be willing to pay $5,000 for a fake Drake to perform on your little brother’s birthday? »

A substantial sum, already mentioned by the Fake Drake some time ago: “I’m on tour, I have events where I have to show up. People send me DMs, like, “Hey, you want to come to my party, because I can’t afford Drake, he’s too expensive. I offer you 5000 dollars, 5000 dollars just to show you. They pay me for the Airbnb, the flight, they take care of everything. » For their part, Drake fans seem particularly revolted by the stamp taken: “He wouldn’t even get $20 from me”, “This stuff is embarrassing, you’re not a man, no way and this stuff is unacceptable. » To believe that Izzy is not yet unanimous, he who had recently hinted that Drake had more or less copied his style of dress?

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