“Fake” Megan Fox became a millionaire by selling photos on OnlyFans

In the onlyfans platform Content creators continue to appear who become millionaires in a short time thanks to offering alternative experiences such as showing their feet, rating body parts or how Taylor Ryan modelwhose enormous resemblance to the famous Megan Fox recreates scenes from the movie Transformers and others where Megan is daring, flirtatious and very sensual.

Taylor Ryan managed with these photos and videos to be qualified as the best imitator of Megan Fox for her beauty and great resemblance, in addition to posing very daring in her onlyfans profile. In an interview, the young model confessed that earns 1.3 million dollars a month (about 24 million Mexican pesos) just for uploading content copying the style of Megan Fox in the Transformers movies.

Taylor Ryan loves luxury cars. Photo: Instagram @_lifeoftaylor

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Taylor Ryan is famous for looking like Megan Fox’s twin sister

With only 53 thousand followers in instagram, taylor ryan begins to raise his fame on social networks thanks to his great resemblance to the famous Megan fox and daring to raise the tone of the mythical scenes of the actress and for offering more personal experiences with her most loyal followers on OnlyFans. Only in 2022, OnlyFans registered 170 million users willing to pay for quality content.

Megan Fox and Taylor Ryan are very similar. Photo: Instagram @_lifeoftaylor

Someone once asked me to wear the same outfit Megan Fox wears, a bra and jean shorts to bend over the hood and pop it open. They paid $300,” Taylor Ryan said in an interview.

Until now, young taylor ryan He assured that he has not had any problems with the legal team of actress Megan Fox by sell content on OnlyFans due to its great resemblance, much less with the creators or owners of the copyrights of the movies he imitates.

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Taylor Ryan is famous on Instagram for her PHOTOS

Taylor Ryan loves selfies. Photo: Instagram @_lifeoftaylor
Taylor Ryan looks amazing in lingerie. Photo: Instagram @_lifeoftaylor
Taylor Ryan is famous on Instagram. Photo: Instagram @_lifeoftaylor


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