Fake passports discovered in shoe soles at Cuban Customs

The Cuban Customs reported the discovery this week of several false passports, hidden in the soles of shoes, which tried to enter the country, through a person, a woman. The idea was with those passports, to take several Cubans from the island to Central America to continue on their way to the United States.

“The group @AIRCOP_UNODC in Havana, Cuba detects a case of human trafficking, where a passenger was carrying multiple identity documents with different nationalities that were detected in shoe soles by x-ray equipment,” they said from Customs on their Facebook page. .

Customs pointed out in several images how they hid the passports inside the soles of various shoes, and from the indications on a map, the idea was that they migrate via Panama to the southern border of the United States.

“What a pity that they detected it, those who wanted to get out of this hell with those documents have now embarked”, “Technically they should not touch the evidence with their hands but with gloves. But hey, it’s Cuba” or “It’s good that they were able to detect it in time”, were some of the comments in this regard.

Some recommended that they think about these things, because if they were discovered, they would go to prison for several years.

“What a pity, but I do believe it, in these countries they sell you nationalities without ever having left the country, obviously a person wears it and what they did not know is that the one who wears it is imprisoned, who is almost always their relative and the one who he paid for it, I know that Cuba is bad, but think well, gentleman”, expressed a Cuban in the comments to Customs.


This weekend the Cuban Customs was criticized for a supposed “good deed.” In social networks they published the “help” of their workers in Ciego de Ávila to a vulnerable family in that city, to whom they gave a “charcoal oven”.

“This what it takes is to offend them, due to lack of respect, abusers and thieves. You have to have little shame to stop to take that photo as if they had done a feat, “said a user. The publication has generated more than 700 comments, criticizing them for this.

“This is serious? Wasn’t there a measly gas burner they could give that family? Please, what a shame… they distribute the misery and keep the wealth”, added another user.

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