Faker and T1 remain champions

T1 are League of Legends world champions for the fourth time. The Korean organization defeated the Chinese team Weibo Gaming 3-0, which reached the world final for the first time. For T1 and Faker, who have always been inextricably linked by the double thread and the team flag, it was the sixth final, the second in a row. Unlike what happened a year ago with the surprise defeat for many against DRX in the Korean derby, this time in front of its audience T1 raised the most coveted League of Legends trophy to the sky.

one-sided game

Despite the very high expectations placed on Weibo Gaming, fresh from the hard-fought victory over Bilibili Gaming in the semi-final that was resolved only in the fifth game, the Chinese team formed by TheShy, Weiwei, Xiaohu, Light and Crisp never managed to enter at the match. The team appeared confused and unprepared at several times in the face of the impetuosity and mechanical superiority of T1, which quickly took a 2-0 lead. Faker and his teammates raised the bar game after game, relegating TheShy in particular, already world champion in 2018 with Invictus Gaming, to an extra role.

The best of the match

Credit is undoubtedly due to the excellent synergy shown by T1 in both team fights and macro-game strategic choices on the Rift. The real protagonist of the match, if it is possible to find only one, was Zeus, the T1 toplaner. He not only nullified his opponent in the top lane, but dragged his team into every action, presenting himself as a front line and a loose weapon that was launched against his opponents every time he built up a slight advantage.

The numbers

T1 won their fourth title after an overall streak in which they lost only two games in total between Swiss Phase and Playoff, one against Geng and one against JD Gaming, winning 13. For Zeus, Oner, Keria and Gumayusi it is the first world title . , while Faker rises to four after the triumphs of 2013, 2015 and 2016. Waiting to know if this squad will also remain intact in 2024 (several rumors speak of their last game together), this time Keria can cry with joy.

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