Fall movies are picking up in spades…

What is a Fall Movie? It’s a feature film to watch wrapped in a blanket, wearing woolen stockings and drinking hot chocolate.

The fall movie doesn’t necessarily take place in the fall, although at times beautiful scenes of golden and orange foliage add to the charm of viewing. Fall movie is cozy like ‘kitty’ lined slippers or like a conversation with a friend and it can be a comedy, romance, horror movie or story fantastic… So here are some suggestions.

With family

“The Legend of Manolo”

Produced by Guillermo del Toro and directed by Jorge R. Gutierrez, this animated film is a marvel about love in a Mexican Day of the Dead setting. Splendid.

Available through Crave, Disney+, Google Play and iTunes digital platforms

“Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone”

Obviously, a big whiff of nostalgia is assured by rediscovering this very first film of the saga of the adventures of the young wizard released in… 2001. We always fall for this very successful adaptation of the novel by JK Rowling and we find the smile on our lips very young Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint.

Available via Illico, Prime video, Crave and iTunes digital platforms

“Fantastic Master Fox”

The all orange universe of Wes Anderson is, this time, the den of a fox who steals hens from neighboring breeders. Faced with the reaction of the breeders, the family of foxes and their animal neighbors will have to flee.

Available via Disney+, YouTube, Google Play and iTunes digital platforms

To do good

“When Harry Met Sally”

Besides the fake orgasm scene in a restaurant, this Nora Ephron rom-com starring Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal — which is also a classic — features a fall scene in Central Park.

Available through Illico and Crave digital platforms

“Love and Magic”

When Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock are two witch sisters trying to end a family curse, everything is perfect. It’s cute… especially when Aidan Quinn is there.

Available via Illico, Crave, YouTube, Google Play and iTunes digital platforms

“Blonde and Legal”

Impossible to resist this film which celebrates female friendship, self-transcendence, all candy pink with a very young Reese Witherspoon and Selma Blair.

Available via Illico, Prime video, YouTube, Google Play and iTunes digital platforms

To cry a little

“Sweet November”

Yes, this love story between Keanu Reeves and Charlize Theron accumulates clichés and certainly does not shine with the quality of the acting. But, it is impossible not to take out the kleenex in front of this sentimental drama.

Available through the iTunes digital platform

“AND the Extra-Terrestrial”

Admit that you still feel a tightness in the throat at the reminder of the adventures of the extra-terrestrial and his friendship with little Eliott. One of Steven Spielberg’s flagship films, to see and see again.

Available via Club Illico, Prime video and iTunes digital platforms

“My Father’s Blonde”

Julia Roberts plays the new woman in Ed Harris’s life, which is bound to cause problems with his estranged wife, Susan Sarandon, and their two children. Sensitive and extremely touching.

Available via Club Illico, YouTube, Google Play and iTunes digital platforms

The classics


Francis Ford Coppola delivers here a remarkable reading of the legend of Dracula (Gary Oldman). Sensual and superb, this feature film is seen again and again.

Available via Illico, YouTube, Google Play and iTunes digital platforms


Since October 31 is approaching and there are already decorations and candies in the stores, it was necessary to include a horror film. Immerse yourself with delight in the very first film in the “Halloween” saga, this one having been directed by Rob Zombie.

Available through Prime video, YouTube, Google Play and iTunes digital platforms

“Edward Scissorhands”

The universe of Tim Burton is synonymous with autumn, especially that of this young man – a very young Johnny Depp – with scissors instead of hands who falls in love with the teenager of the couple who took him in.

Available via Illico, Crave, Disney+, YouTube, Google Play and iTunes digital platforms.

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