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Members of the AlloCiné club celebrating the opening of “The Fallen Boy” are the exception to the April 23 parties and the target of this romantic action-comedy starring Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt from the creators of “Bullet Train.”

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“The Fallen Boy” by David Leitch

Departure to cinemas, May 1, 2024

This is the story of a cascade, and it is like all stuntmen, and it comes true when it, the exploiter, écraser, Jeter par les fenêtres et tombe toujours de plus en plus haut… pour le plus grand plaisir du public. After a career-ending accident, the anonymous movie heroes returned to their star by taking to the stage and trying to win back the woman from life to win back all the death within a few days on the plateau. Que pourrait-il lui arrival de pier?

Is Pourquois la Redak the best film?

When I returned, The Fallen Boy remained in theaters from last year. Previously, this was the law on the adaptation of the series “The man who should be in the picture, but more for the son in the casting” (Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt met again after participating in a party, visiting a cat, at the Barbenheimer phenomenon) and other beauties – gang announcements. Who are the tenu because the result is a romantic action comedy that is in the recording.

L’acteur nous Rappelle, which is the son of a comic talent derived from successful exploitation, and the son of an energy counteracting (mais complémentaire) in the cell of the sa partner, bright, which we valence in scenes in my days, as well as the explosive that is in sequences of actions. All this in a long meter in the form of a love letter, not only in cinema, but also with cascade accuracy. Pair David LeitchQui a lui-même été l’un de ces men de l’ombre avant de devenir realisateur.

Playing in typical form, in the form of making us see Ryan Gosling’s double faces, he pays tribute to a profession that is not Oscar honorable. In a movie that uses stunts in its storytelling (since you use cables and machinery in the original part of the recipe), you break the record for tons of effects for one car and other things. This is impressive. And funny. It’s romantic. L’un des divertissements les plus réjouissants de ce debutant advertised simply.

What is the AlloCiné Club?

Mighty that the Avengers team, as well as the prestigious Le Cercle des Poètes Disparus, AlloCiné reunites its members plus the actions of its famous sons AlloCiné Club! Chaque mois, nous devoilons aux members of the Club des Plusiers des Films et Seriales en vanguard pour l’experimentation des projection films.

The votes of Leurs, d'”excellent” à “très peu pour moi”, also determine whether a film or series ont vu receives the label Le Club AlloCiné Aime. Movie and TV series lovers, experts, bloggers or influencers, members Club AlloSine represent a relay of opinions for auprès des spectateurs et de toute la professional.

What does Club AlloCiné think?

What does Club AlloCiné think?

donniedarko1 – “An excellent diversion with the exceptional character of Ryan Gosling.

Nath Visuals – “Le movie regorge donc évidemment de cascades et pas des moindres, car oui le Record du monde de tonneaux que que possédait Martin Campbell dans “Casino Royale” for 2006 vient d’être battu dans “The Fall Guy”. Humor. “It’s an obvious message in the film, and it’s used three times well.”

bon temps without pretense.”

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