Family opens to manage emergency casualties

Aurora Garcia and Francisco Jose Saez.

Family doctors in Spain set Monday, January 9 as the deadline to stop making sick leave reports for patients they have not assessed, defending compliance with the regulations and leaving this task in the hands of their hospital colleagues. However, in this new scenario, First level care doctors are open to granting certain licenses. From the Spanish Society of General and Family Physicians (SEMG) would be willing to assume, in the event of peak care, the sick leave reports from the Health Services emergenciescompletely saturated and with 30 percent more patients than in 2019. For its part, the Spanish Society of Primary Care Physicians (semergen) commitment to grant a moratorium until hospitals have the necessary systems to manage this process.

Francisco Jose SaezFamily doctor and coordinator of the SEMG Occupational Health Working Group, defends in Medical Writing that “Family doctors in health centers are willing to assume special situations as is the current saturation suffered by the ER, as was already done during the start of the coronavirus pandemic, assuming the exceptional scenario ”.

The Spanish Society of Emergency and Emergency Medicine (Semes) denounces that numerous patients treated in the Emergency Services wait up to three days in the corridors, which makes the activity of the toilets and other workers difficult. The number of increase in patients in some communities compared to four years ago reaches 40 percent.

Sáez: “Just as an ER doctor has no problem giving a prescription, he shouldn’t have a problem giving a sick leave either”

Despite this dedication, Sáez also makes it clear that he must be modified as soon as possible the concept that still exists among “many colleagues in hospital emergencies, who consider that they it does not correspond to them exercise the activity of deregistering. Like an emergency doctor, he has no problem giving an recipe to a patient, you shouldn’t have it to give a lower part”.

Health systems to issue IT

Allow the report of temporary disability (ITEM) through an application that has Primary Care to other specialties is one of the proclamations exercised by the Family doctor: “In the Community of Madrid the Ministry of Health You have not activated the application that would greatly facilitate this process among the rest of the hospital specialties. has been expected eight years to see a change and the council has not done anything.

aurora garcia, general secretary of Sermergen, has an impact on health systems as a key aspect for a possible moratorium for up to three months. “We would be willing to that time of moratorium so that the departments adapt the IT model for the hospital, so that they can do it, both in the ER and in the Services of other specialties”.

García: “The saturation, today, is the same for everyone”

But to grant this time stresses that some commitment is essential: “For the moratorium there is no problem as long as they reliably commit to doing so. In principle the moratorium is not going to be given because we do not see the will. We are not seeing the ministries do anything at all.”

Overload at all levels

Garcia claims that that overload of work that doctors accuse of Hospital emergencies also suffer it in Primary Care. “The saturation, today, is the same for everyone,” he details. In addition, he clarifies that Family doctors have fewer resources and fewer professionals.

This is aggravated if the hospital physicians do not issue these reports, since, as he explains, they force the patient to go to Primary, that the doctors give him a discharge, despite not having explored them, and to occupy a consultation, when the agendas ” They’re all the way up.”

The information published in Redacción Médica contains affirmations, data and statements from official institutions and health professionals. However, if you have any questions related to your health, consult your corresponding health specialist.

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