Family sues NASA over piece of space junk that flew through their roof

Family Florida asks the American space agency NASA for compensation for damage caused after a piece of debris from International Space Station (EEI) fell last March at home, destroying part of the roof and causing them “emotional distress.”

One of the plaintiffs Alejandro Otero, who lives in the city Napleson the west coast of Florida, noted that A cylindrical object passed through his house on March 8.

That day, debris fell on the house, and his son Daniel, who was present at the time, was almost injured by this object. it’s left significant hole from ceiling to basement.

Damages include “uninsured losses from property damage, business interruption losses, emotional and mental disorders and the cost of third party assistance required in the process,” says law firm Cranfill Summer, which is leading the case.

“My clients are demanding appropriate compensation that takes into account the stress and impact this event has had on their lives.”This was stated in a statement by lawyer Mick Nguyen Worthy.

“Space debris is a real and serious problem due to the increase in space travel in recent years,” he emphasized.

Worthy urged NASA to take into account that people should not sue under the legal theory of negligence wheno The US government has committed to “absolute responsibility” under international treaty law for damage to persons or property on the surface of the Earth caused by its space objects.

The object was delivered for analysis Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral, on the east coast of Florida, which confirmed last April that it was a metal bracket used to secure old batteries onto a loading dock for recycling.

The platform was jettisoned from the space station in 2021, and the cargo was expected to eventually be delivered to Earth. will burn up completely upon re-entry Earth, but one part survived.

Otero told CBS his son was on vacation and called him stunned after being rescued from the hit.

“I was shaking. I was in complete disbelief. What are the odds of something falling into my house with that much force and causing that much damage?,” Otero said. “I’m very grateful that no one was hurt.”

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