Famous BBC presenter Michael Mosley disappears in Greece

Famous British presenters Michael MosleyOne of the most popular faces of the series BBCDisappeared on a Greek Island SIMI.He started his journey on foot on Wednesday, June 5, and has not been contacted since then.

Mosley is known in the United Kingdom for both his television appearances and his health advice. The 67-year-old Indian-born doctor has promoted some types of diets, including weight loss intermittent fasting And this 5:2 Diet,

He has worked in television for the past 20 years, making numerous appearances, the network reported on BBC Programs on Food, Sports and Medicine.In some of them he has experienced first-hand the application of his dietary advice.

On Wednesday he lost track of his whereabouts on this small Greek island in the eastern Aegean Seanot more than a kilometer from the Turkish coast. He was on the beach with his wife and decided to take a walk towards the interior of the island. Mosley’s phone was found in the room where they were both staying. According to the BBC report, it was the same woman who reported him missing.

More aquatic and aerial equipment was added to the land search teams this Friday.


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