Famous couples I knew I was bisexual with

These are some couples I suspected and learned were bisexual.

The bipanic What do you feel Nick Nelson (Kit Connor) Watching Keira Knightley (Elizabeth) Y Orlando Bloom (William) in Pirates of the Caribbean reminded me of the times when I suspected (and later knew) to be bisexual for the posters of famous couples that I had on the wall.

Just like our dear rugby boyfelt a certain attraction -sometimes only physical- for boys, girls and girls. But he didn’t understand why. Much less did he know that there was a term to describe what he was experiencing. THESE ARE 30 THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT BISEXUALITY.

Same, Nick. / Photo: Netflix

I grew up, reached out to whatever sources were handy—I love you so much, Tumblr!—and made friends with other sex-dissenting people. Years later, I confirmed what I assumed in my puberty while browsing magazines, series and movies with it couples: I am bisexual.

Joanne Fox + Dave Gahan

It’s a fact: Depeche Mode it is a before and after in the life of bisexual adolescents. Although my existence on the face of this earth did not coincide with the success of Some Great Rewards Y Black Celebration —I swear to you, I’m not that old—, my bisexual awakening was with this quartet —now a duo— from Essex.

In addition to a great fascination for the challenge of Martin Gore with his middle finger to gender roles, I felt I don’t know what when I saw old photos of joanne fox Y Dave Gahan. I liked both.

Dave Gahan and Joanne Fox lasted 6 years in marriage. They had a son, Jack. / Photo: Tumblr (@newwaveaphrodite)

With the shots at Rebecca Thornton in “Strange Love” I confirmed it. She screamed for sex symbols of Basildon, but also by the cowgirls of “Staff Jesus”.

Magnet + David Bowie

over there from 1983, David Bowie He denied being bisexual. However, the chameleon is an icon for much of the LGBT+ public (especially for the letter ‘B’). SEE WHY DAVID BOWIE IS SO IMPORTANT TO THE LGBT+ AUDIENCE.

Magnet and Bowie forever / Photo: The country

One of the couples with whom I found out bisexual was David Bowie Y Zara Mohammed Abdulmajid (Magnet). Supermodel, actress and businesswoman, the Somali is considered one of the most important celebrities of the 80s and 90s.

Stagnant in those years, another of the famous couples with whom I suspected and knew that he was bisexual was the one made up of Lisa Bonet Y Lenny Kravitz. Although he also gave us something when he was with the singer and music producer Minogue Kylie.

Kylie Minogue and Lenny Kravitz / Photo: Tumblr (oldloves)

Helena Berg + Brian Molko

As well as Depeche Mode, Placebo It was —and still is— a nice memory in the questioning and exploration of our sexuality. We love knowing that Stefan Olsdale is and will be “music husband” of Brian Molco.

But if there is a Placebo moment that for many represented a bipanic intense—and very long—was when Brian fell in love with the Helena Berg photographer. They were a couple for 8 years and had a son, Cody. They broke up after the release of Battle for the Sun (2009). MEET THE PEOPLE BRIAN MOLKO FELL IN LOVE WITH.

Helena and Brian at the beginning of their relationship / Photo: Placebo World

Alison Mosshart + Joshua Hayward

another great moment groundbreaking for bi teens was when Placebo collaborated with the singer-songwriter modern rock alison mosshart. In parallel, the front woman of The Kills He gave us one or another heart attack when he was seen very close to Joshua Hayward (Joshua Third), guitarist of The Horrors.

Alison and Joshua at CMD Fest 2018. There is a long story before this photo. / Photo: Instagram (@amosshart)

And to take advantage of the fact that the painter is also in the conversation, it is very likely that if you have followed Third Man Records From the beginning, one of the famous couples with whom you suspected and proved to be bisexual was Olivia Jean (The Black Belles) Y Jack White (The White Stripes Y The Dead Weather). Or if you are more vintageyour bi awakening It was when he was with the great drummer Meg White.

Nina Dobrev + Ian Somerhalder is one of the famous couples I found out I’m bisexual with

If so far I have sounded very gen z geriatric, the following couples will be closer to you (or well, I hope so). The Vampire Diaries came to the catalog The CW on September 10, 2009.

To ensure its success, the network not only opted for a teenage series that would continue the euphoria of twilight. He also tried and achieved that we youngsters had the hormone to the top.

Certainly one of the reasons why Delena (Damon Salvatore + Elena Gilbert) was so profitable for The CW was that Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder they took their relationship off screen. They were a couple for almost 4 years. Do you remember your episodes of bipanic when they attended the red carpets or Coachella? ALSO CHECK THE BROMANCE BETWEEN IAN SOMERHALDER AND PAUL WESLEY.

Nina, Ian and Paul in the pilot episode / Photo: Instagram (@nina)

And since we are in the universe of Mystic Fallsit is worth saying that another of the famous couples with whom I knew that I was bisexual was that of Paul Wesley (Stefan Salvatore) and Australian model and actress Phoebe Tonkin.

Kristen Stewart + Robert Pattinson

The first decade of the 2000s brought several it couples. One of them was the Kristen Stewart Y Robert Pattinson. Although it was not my case, several of my bisexual friends have told me that their first bi moments occurred while watching the adaptations of stephenie meyer.

photo shoot by Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart / Photo: Twitter (@twinostalgia)

Of course, most celebrated when Kris began to get involved sexually with girls. And before we get out of the vampire universes, it’s very likely that Only Lovers Left Alive I give you a lot bi vibes because of the relationship between Eve (tilda swinton) Y Adam (Tom Hiddleston).

Sophie Turner + Joe Jonas

It is clear to us that Joe Jonas gives a lot to talk about (and not for good). But if you spent your puberty or adolescence around 2007 and 2009, you know that the Hermanos Jonas were the boy band of Disney Channel.

Most of the relationships of the middle of the Jonas made the news and, in general, their fans bi didn’t know who they liked more. Some fell in love with Taylor Swift, Demi lovato, camilla belle either Blanda Eggenschwiler.

However, for younger generations – and others already half old— the partner they are with bi signs it is Sophie Turner and Joe. Now a mother of 2 girls (one of them is on the way), the actress behind sansa stark (game of Thrones), came out as a bisexual woman in 2021.

We all prefer Sophie, obviously. / Photo: Instagram (@sophiet)

Zendaya + Tom Holland form one of the famous couples with whom young people confirm that they are bisexual

In my case, Tomdaya It wasn’t one of the couples I found out I’m bisexual with, but Zendaya She was one of the stars with whom I confirmed that I also liked girls. if you use TikTokyou will know that there are many videos in which young people talk about how they discovered their bisexuality when they saw the movies of spider-man. HERE WE TELL YOU TOMDAYA’S LOVE STORY WITH PHOTOS.

Viral photo of actress Zendaya and actor Tom Holland / Photo: Daily Mail

These were the famous couples with whom I suspected and then found out that I am bisexual, what are yours?

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